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Application for the Design Thinking Basic Track

Applications for the Design Thinking Basic Track program in summer term 2024 will open in mid November 2023. Students and recent graduates from all disciplines and universities can apply online.

To apply for the Basic Track, please register on our online application platform and upload all necessary documents including your CV, your confirmation of enrollment and your personal T-Profile

If you don't want to miss the application period for the next semester, sign up for our application reminder and we will inform you via email once the application period starts.


Participants share their experiences


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Basic Track in the winter semester of 2023/24: Participation on-site or online

In the upcoming winter semester, we will offer the Design Thinking Basic Track in two formats: You can choose to participate on-site at the HPI D-School in Potsdam or experience the program in a virtual format.

The program takes place two days per week. It consists of live inputs from our program and coaching team and collaborative teamwork on-site or in the digital space, supported by interactive live coaching sessions. We use various digital tools for both formats, such as the virtual whiteboard "Miro" and our online learning platform "openHPI".

Our program team also creates an open culture of experimentation in the virtual space, promoting creative confidence (concept of psychological safety). The virtual format we offer can be conducted from any location. Please note that participants must be willing to actively participate during the day on the program days in the CET/CET time zone.

All participants will have access to our physical Design Thinking spaces, all of which are equipped with appropriate technology to work in a hybrid setting (part of the team on-site, part of the team remote/distributed). This results in an innovative hybrid format that defines the next step towards "new work". We want to allow all participants in our program to experience this new innovative form of collaboration.

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