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Apply for the next summer term 2017 till 31 January 2017!

The application process for the next Basic Track (summer term 2017) started on November 15th 2016. Apply here till January 31th 2017.

Applicants are informed about their status/successful application in the mid of February 2017. Successful applicants will receive an invitation to our two-day D-Camp workshop. The dates for the D-Camp are expected to be from 27th February till 2nd March 2017 - Save the date!

The Basic Track starts at 25th April and ends at 28th July 2017.

There will be a contribution towards expenses of 750€ for all students in the Basic Track.  Students, PhDs and employees of HPI are exempt from this rule; for them HPI School of Design Thinking is free.

Who is our target group?


(Employed) Professionals

HPI Students

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Elisabeth Höpner

HPI School of Design Thinking
Program Assistant

Tel.: +49 -331-5509-507
Fax: +49 -331-5509-589

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