Our two intense semesters in Design Thinking help students of the HPI D-School to get insights into the new working world. Most of our students leave the HPI D-School as pioneers. Encouraged by creative confidence they transport a special mindset into their future jobs and organizations. Team work and the close collaboration with project partners from companies, institutions and NGOs as well as new contacts and friends help them in their personal development.


In the Basic Track you become familiar with many new terms. The image of what Design Thinking is and what it can accomplish increasingly takes shape. The Basic Track is an intensive test phase for students to find out whether they can make the method and special setting become their own. Supplementary workshops provide continuous input, good networking and the opportunity to develop personal skills:

  • Increase creative capability
  • Improve communication skills
  • Heighten presentation confidence
  • Develop team skills
  • Gain competency in community support
  • Receive reassessment in view of skills, knowledge and practice
  • Benefit from the DT network

In the Advanced Track everyone becomes a Design Thinker. This very intensive program offers a rare glimpse into large companies or organizations. The following aspects are particularly promoted:  


  • Creative self-confidence
  • Increased competency in expressing specialized concepts
  • Development of clear personal career image
  • Business inspiration for your own start-up
  • Higher confidence in practical application, and less stage fright
  • Holistic understanding of innovation projects
  • Expansion of personal horizon
  • Benefits from the DT network
  • Professionalization 

Students can use the valuable Design Thinking skills they have acquired later in their studies and career. HPI D-School training focuses on networked thinking in challenges and solutions. It does this in the supportive mode of “we quality.” Positive surprises and a teaching approach, which emphasizes unlocking personal potential and self-organization, make this intensive time a very important one in preparing participants for a fundamentally changing working world. 

We follow the many paths of our graduates with great interest. A few of our former students have established themselves in the upper echelons of large corporations. Others support the innovation efforts of large and medium-sized companies or social institutions. During their time at the HPI D-School, entrepreneurial ambitions have been awakened in a large number of graduates, which led to their establishing over 20 startups.


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