Andrea Scheer

Andrea Scheer got her Master of Education at the University of Potsdam. Along with her specifications in linguistics, politics and paedagogics, Andrea studied design thinking at the HPI D-School in Potsdam in 2009/2010.

As a part of the Design Thinking Research Program, Andrea did a case study evaluating Design Thinking as a tool for teachers to facilitate competence-oriented teaching and learning, which was published summer 2012. Andrea recently started introducing Design Thinking to high school students at the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum were she is working as a teacher. Prior to this, she did a learning journey on innovative teaching and learning methods, which led her to visit different schools, universities and innovative places all around the world (New Zealand, Australia, France, California, New York, India, Indonesia). In California, Andrea was introduced to the K-12 lab at the in Stanford and participated in the teachers summer workshop introducing design thinking to U.S. teachers.

Currently, together with Elias Barrasch, Andrea is founding creativeconfidence - an agency that hosts design thinking projects for school children.