Dr. Julian Gebhardt

Julian Gebhardt studied Sociology, Communication Studies and Psychology (M.A.). From 2000 till 2007 he worked as a Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Erfurt (Department of Media and Communication Studies). In 2006 he successfully defended his PhD on "Telecommunicative Actions in everyday life". 

Besides his academic affiliations he now works as an independent researcher and consultant in the field of designing and inventing new information and communication technologies. His subjects of interest are Culture, Media and Communication, Socio-Digital-Systems, Human-Computer-Interaction and Organizational Communication. Julian Gebhardt is a member of the German Association of Media and Communication (DGPuK) and the Society for the Social Study of Mobile Communication (SSSMC).

He has published a number of articles, co-edited books and a monograph, amongst these are "Telekommunikatives Handeln im Alltag. Eine Sozialphänomenologische Analyse Interpersonaler Medienkommunikation" (VS Verlag 2008), "Mobile Kommunikation. Perspektiven und Forschungsfelder" (together with J. R. Höflich; Peter Lang 2005) and "Participation in Broadband Society" (together with L. Fortunati and J. Vincent; Peter Lang 2010).