Jan Koch

Jan studied Media Management with a focus on qualitative and quantitative market and opinion research at the Institute for Journalism and Communication Research in Hannover. Due to his work at NBC Giga, he also became interested in the merger of Internet and Television. Shortly after earning his diploma, Jan worked as an assistant lecturer for empirical methods and on a research project about experience factors of immersive computer games at the Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California (USC). He gathered further experience as a corporate consultant in the field of cross-media format development and strategic IT-consulting at the Institute of Electronic Business in Berlin.

At the moment, he is developing Internet strategies for newspaper publishing houses with the company F&B Berlin. He is also conducting research on the topic „User acceptance of mobile TV applications“ for his doctorate degree. In his work, Jan always considers the implementation of products or applications – therefore, he is very interested in user motives, universal operational concepts and questions of usability. The method of design thinking fascinates him especially because of its focus on understanding problems from the viewpoint of the user.