Sabrina Meyfeld

Sabrina is passionate about designing and facilitating projects and processes that revolve around communication, culture and collaboration – thereby she always strives to closely link theory and praxis.

She studied Communication Science, Psychology and German Philology in Münster and Buenos Aires and additionally attended seminars and lectures in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology and Linguistics.

Along the way, she gained practical experiences in print, tv and radio journalism, in public relations for non-profit organizations, as consultant for cultural exchange programs and giving creativity workshops to children and young people in NGOs in India and Argentina.

After getting a qualification in methods of experience-based learning, Sabrina started working as a trainer for Intercultural Sensitivity and Global Education in 2010. Since 2012, she also designs and facilitates co-creation processes that are centered on finding a vision, Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.

Her most loved projects include “ZwischenRaum – Zeit für Lebensfragen & Leidenschaften”, an unconference that she designed with a friend and a working group that focuses on deceleration and time competence.

Additionally, Sabrina spends about 2 months a year in Sicily, to learn about ecological agriculture and traditional recipes in her grandfather’s vineyard and olive grove.