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HPI D-School


Always on the Move


The HPI D-School in Potsdam is the European center for a growing Design Thinking community. We regularly host workshops and events to complement the academic program. Interested visitors from all over the world meet at our events to experience Design Thinking in practice, discuss future trends and debate ideas.

Open House

At our Open House we answers questions such as: What exactly is Design Thinking? Why should I study Design Thinking? What can I learn in the acdemic Design Thinking programs? Why and how do companies and institutions use the innovation potential of Design Thinking and the HPI D-School? What do the learning and working environments of tomorrow look like? Join us online and meet our team and get information about the program contents, the application process, and ongoing projects.


D-Flect is an informal forum for creative exchange within the Design Thinking community and beyond. We invite outstanding innovators from the most diverse fields to share their knowledge and talk about their innovations. We have already had inspiring discussions with Stanford professors David Kelley, Larry Leifer and Bernie Roth, the TV moderator Frank Elstner as well as David Briggs along with Colman Hutchinson, the inventors of  “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?“

HPI D-School Partner Day

The HPI D-School Partner Day is an exclusive gathering of project partners from all kinds of industries and organizations to reconnect and discuss the latest developments in Design Thinking. At our HPI D-School Partner Day on 9 June, 2021 our partners will share experiences on the application of Design Thinking in different projects and exchanged insights of successes and challenges during the implementation of these projects.

HPI D-School Summer Showcase

The HPI D-School Summer Showcase pays tribute to the final project of our Basic and Advanced Track students with a public exhibition, interactive workshops and the opportunity to socialize. We always welcome students of other disciplines, alumni, friends, family members, coaches and all others who are interested in Design Thinking. Take this opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere at the HPI D-School.


The d.confestival is a unique event and a main destination for multidisciplinary thinkers to collaboratively shape the future of Design Thinking in the fields of management, learning and research. When the event started in 2012, it was the first of its kind for the global Design Thinking community. In September 2017 the d.confestival took place for the second time. On a 3-day journey, 900 participants developed creative ideas, concepts and human-centered innovations with an impact for tomorrow; together with Design Thinkers, innovators and creative pioneers like Hasso Plattner and many more.