Angela Galeano Colonia

Angela joined the HPI D-School in Summer 2021 as a Program Lead.  Her main interests revolve around using Design Thinking to foster change management, digital transformation, and building happier teams. 

She has a background in Anthropology and Political Science. In addition, she holds a master's in Public Policy and a certificate from the HPI School of Design Thinking. But, beyond titles, what she enjoys is contributing to facilitating innovation processes across different sectors. 

Before, Angela worked for 8+ years scaling human-centered initiatives in large organizations like the Colombian National Ministry of Education, for Directorate for Education and Skills at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Deutsche Welle, and social impact start-ups in Bogota, Paris, and Berlin. 

Angela speaks Spanish and is fluent in English and French, sings in Portuguese, and proudly struggles in German every day. As an enthusiastic networker, she will be happy to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Angela Galeano Colonia
Photo: Jana Legler