Stefanie Gerken

Since 2012, Stefanie deals in the topic Design Thinking and the involved subtopics innovation processes, human centered design and its interaction spaces. She holds both B.Sc. in Business and Spanish Philology and a M.Sc. in Business Innovation titles from University of Potsdam with study abroad visits in Granada/ Spain and Melbourne/ Australia. From 2012 – 2013 she was a student herself in the Basic and Advanced Track program at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam.

From 2013 – 2016, Stefanie was responsible for the implementation of Design Thinking in a mid-sized software company with the associated strategic cultural change. Since 2016 she is in charge of the educational student program of the Basic and Advanced Track at the HPI School of Design Thinking with yearly 240 students and 32 project partners. Besides her work as Program Lead she is organizing, hosting and coaching different workshop formats in German and English and speaks at international conferences.

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(Photo: Dirk Lässig)

Stefanie Gerken
Photos: Jana Legler (portrait) und Dirk Lässig (above)