D-School at CeBIT

"our booth" - Day 6

Our last day at CeBIT and our student team is researching into the new question: how might we create an eventful HPI booth at the CeBIT 2009?


As always, we collect the impressions of our visitors first. This time, however, our own staff is also delivering insights.

Now it's time to go through the collection and identify some needs. People are watching as we work on our ideas to generate the first prototype.

Curiosity wins! Two visitors are helping us in the creation of the prototype and are completely absorbed in their activity.


After half an hour of collective tinkering with lego, plasticine, paper and various other materials, our first prototype for next year's booth is finished. It's taking up the same are as this years display. First impression? Very colorful.

A guidepost leads prospective researchers and students to the booth. The visitors are guided through the are via arrows and information displays on the floor. Between high desks, comfortable seating possibilities await. 

The topside of the little storage space is used as a viewing platform for the visitors. The company logo as well as the various topics that are displayed can be seen in large letters.

A round turnable pillar exhibits a different view into a software project from various perspectives, offering an insight into the distinct aspects and steps of the software development process. The various topics of the booth are centered into a common theme, creating a consistent tableau of HPI.

We'd like to thank our visitors for their great commitment during our brainstorming and prototyping sessions. We hope to meet you all again at next year's CeBIT!