International Design Thinking-Week: DT Goes Global

Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector

The financial market is changing rapidly. New, more efficient technologies are creating possibilities for new services and are making others obsolete. New entrants to the financial services industry are offering alternatives to existing services, or introducing innovative services enabled by new technologies and business models. Thus, it offers a perfect field of opportunity for design thinking to seek for new, innovative and creative, ideas in the field of “financial empowerment in the era of digital transformation”.

In order to take fully advantage of the opportunities that can be designed in the financial sector we are using a design thinking approach that is build around the notion “from insights to ideas and business concepts”. We are seeking for new ideas – even start-up ideas - in the field of financial advice and how to make “better” decisions with an financial impact as human beings. For this challenge we have found a partner, the ING-Diba, who will provide us with further information, insights, and knowledge during our project week (from April 6 – 12, 2017).

Our 50 participants (25 of them from the Hasso Plattner Institute) will experience some of the most commonly used and some of the most advanced tools and techniques in design thinking while working in 10 interdisciplinary and international teams.

For the first time this international design thinking week (IDTW) is a truly global event because it is co-designed and co-led by us, the HPI D-School Potsdam/Germany, with Dr. Claudia Nicolai (Academic Director) and Jeremias Schmitt (Program Lead-Team), as well as our sister institute, the HPI d-school in Cape Town/South Africa (Dr. Rael Futerman), and the CUC Design Thinking Innovation Center Beijing/China (Dr. Linlin Shui). With this co-creative network of international design thinking-institutions we will add an intercultural layer to the design thinking-concept.

The International Design Thinking-Week is the first of three international design thinking-events that will take place in 2017, with its final destination for wayward thinkers to collaboratively impact the future of design thinking in the fields of management, learning and research: our unique d.confestival (September 14 – 16, 2017).