Apply now for Design Thinking in the 2022/23 winter semester

The application phase for the winter semester of 2022/23 at the HPI D-School has now started. We invite students and graduates from all disciplines and universities to apply for our academic Design Thinking programs until July 31st, 2022. We will again be holding the programs in a hybrid learning format in the upcoming semester.




During your time at the HPI D-School, you will learn about the Design Thinking approach and put your knowledge into practice with our project partners from companies, NGOs and political institutions. You will work in small groups with students from all over the world to apply Design Thinking to solve real-world problems.


Design Thinking in the hybrid space

We facilitate the Basic Track in a HyFlex (hybrid-flexible) format. The program includes online sessions with inputs from our program team, live coaching, and virtual teamwork. At the same time, all participants have access to the physical Design Thinking spaces at the HPI D-School in Potsdam. Those workshop spaces are equipped with appropriate technology to work in a hybrid setting (part of the team on-site, part of the team remote/distributed).

This program format results in an innovative hybrid learning concept that defines the next step towards "new work." We want to allow all participants in our program to experience this new innovative form of collaboration. Physical presence in Potsdam is not mandatory for the Basic Track - you can join the program from any location.


Basic Track in the winter semester of 2022/23

The Basic Track is a unique hybrid learning experience in which you will build the knowledge, skills, and creative confidence to implement the iterative Design Thinking mindset and methodology. Within the academic training in Design Thinking, you will acquire necessary skills to help shape the future successfully.

You will work through different phases of the innovation process and develop creative ideas and human-centered prototypes while always being accompanied by a Design Thinking coach. Additionally you experience an open culture of failure as a necessary part of solution development.

Information about the Basic Track application

If you are interested, we are more than happy to receive your application until July 31st, 2022, via our online platform: Basic Track Application

For help with your application, you can download our info sheet: How to apply for the Basic Track

We will also need the following documents:

- CV (curriculum vitae)

- Certificate of enrollment

- T-Profile

A   “T-profile“ represents your expertise in a specific field (through the vertical part of the letter “T”). Additionally to you academic education we would love to know more about your complementary skills and interests and your broad general knowledge (shown in the horizontal section of the “T”).You can creatively design you “T-profile” as text, picture, photo, or other.

At the HPI School of Design Thinking you will have the opportunity and space to personally grow, work together with others collaboratively beyond disciplinary boundaries, and become part of our vibrant innovation community.

We look forward to receiving your application until July 31st and to meeting you next winter term!