Design Thinking Week “Digital Transformation”

Digital transformation is penetrating all areas of life and changing our way of working and the job market at breakneck speed. The digital economy is a job creator; while, at the same time, automation leads to job loss. Startups push forward digital innovation and, thanks to constantly advancing technology, large companies are opening up entirely new business sectors.

In order to take optimal advantage of the opportunities created by technical progress, the search for the right IT staff is a high company priority. This situation is particularly challenging in midsize companies. Such companies are not able to score with the well-known name of a large corporation, nor can they keep pace with the flexible and innovative offers of young startups. 

Together with their project partner Interhyp, the HPI School of Design Thinking will tackle this issue during Design Thinking Week from 6 – 12 October 2016 with the question: How can midsize companies become attractive employers for IT professionals? Through interviews with IT graduates, corporate employees of major companies (such as SAP) and startups in Berlin, 42 students (24 of them from Hasso Plattner Institute) identify the individual needs of both employers and IT expert on the job market. The innovative solutions that develop will be shown on October 12th as part of the final presentation.

As an international cooperation partner, the current Design Thinking Week includes the HPI branch in Cape Town. Dr. Keneilwe Munyai, Programm Manager of the HPI d-school in South Africa, will support the coaching team of the D-School Potsdam coaching team during the workshop week.