For Professionals

"Design Thinking is not a magic wand
that transforms complexity into
simplicity. But it helps to approach
positive change in a systematic way."


Annie Kerguenne, Program Developer Executive Trainings

Für Professionals
For Professionals

"The first Design Thinking
program that is designed to be
implemented in every company context."


Edda Mann, SAP Design Thinking Coach

HPI Academy: Design Thinking for professionals

HPI Academy, the advanced training provider of Hasso Plattner Institute, offers professionals a high-caliber education in Design Thinking. Based on your needs and those of your team and organization, the HPI Academy designs methodological training programs or focuses on the work of your specific project so that the fresh innovation ideas may be directly implemented in your company or organization.

Building on years of experience with the HPI D-School and innovation projects in practically all subject areas, the HPI Academy offers formats that are tailored to the needs of professionals.

Whether you want to explore Design Thinking as an individual and apply it in practical contexts, or if want to bring your team or whole organization into contact with the method – the experienced HPI Academy program designers create an innovation experience that best fits your needs.


Design Thinking workshop formats for beginners:

Introduction to Design Thinking

The open course in Design Thinking at HPI Academy is one of the most established Design Thinking learning formats in the world. In the workshop, participants experience the power of Design Thinking with all its core elements. 

Duration: 3 days

Design Thinking and Organizational Implementation - a workshop in cooperation with ESMT Business School Berlin

This workshop is offered jointly with renowned ESMT Berlin Business School and takes place both at the HPI Academy in Potsdam and at ESMT in Berlin. Participants will learn the basics of Design Thinking and become familiar with the most important stages of this process. At the same time, participants will develop their ability to initiate changes in their companies' management practices.

Duration: 3 days

Certificate Course in Design Thinking (Basic and Advanced Track)

Are you a professional who wants to explore Design Thinking intensively in a more academic setting? As a participant in the basic track and possibly later in the advanced track, you will learn and experience the method via  practical group work on the basis of projects realized with external project partners in business and society.

Duration: 1 semester, 2 days a week in-person (Tuesday & Friday for the basic track; Monday & Thursday for the advanced track)


Advanced workshops:

Advanced Design Thinking - an Intensive Training in the Methods

The Advanced Design Thinking workshop is for participants who already have experience with Design Thinking and now wish to increase their confidence in applying the methods. The most frequently used tools are intensively practiced in the workshop. Participants thus gain more confidence by putting the method into practice.

Duration: 3 days

From Design Thinking to agile development

Design Thinking teams work openly on inspiring new solutions to complex problems. If these solutions prove themselves in real tests, the question arises: How can an agile development project that leads to digital solutions be tackled on the basis of these initial prototypes solutions? In this course, you will learn how the transfer works based on sample projects. Your work will be supported by experts who have accompanied numerous agile projects.

Duration: 2 days plus virtual expert videos.

Design Thinking meets Change Management

This one-day workshop focuses on directed application and exploration of Design Thinking for Change Management. This workshop gives participants an opportunity to hack standard Change Management practices to include more agility and human-centeredness. The results embody the ethos of Design Thinking and encourage innovative practice in an important organizational area.

Duration: 1 day

Navigating Uncertainty – Personal Leadership Compass

Times of uncertainty and complexity can bring out the best and worst in leaders. With the help of cutting-edge virtual reality technology, this workshop helps experienced managers and leaders reach deeper into themselves to gain insight into their default modes and assumptions about working in a team. With greater awareness of your intuitive strengths and blind spots, you can then integrate best practice and mindsets from intend based and agile leadership to strengthen your capabilities to lead high performance teams in uncertain situations.

Duration: 3 days



Professional Track: Managing Complexity

The participants gain lasting confidence in applying Design Thinking to complex problems in collaboration, innovation, and strategy. A special feature: participants bring their own project to work on during the program.

Duration: three 3-day sessions in person plus quick-starter day within the 3-month program

Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation - a program of the Stanford Center for Professional Development and the Hasso Plattner Institute

The digital transformation is affecting every company. It is an opportunity and a challenge at the same time. In three blocks, the joint management program of the Stanford Center for Professional Development and the Hasso Plattner Institute provides the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the fast-paced digital evolution with success and guide and successfully implement digital innovation initiatives.

Duration: two 3-day sessions in Potsdam and one 4-day session in Stanford

Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches

Design thinking is one of the world's most popular approaches for establishing a dynamic, user-centric, goal-oriented innovation culture in companies. The main layers of the approach requires well-trained Design Thinking coaches to guide innovation teams safely through the Design Thinking process.

Duration: 20 days over a period of 12 months

Leadership Program for Innovation and Agility (LIA)

During this format leaders are going to experience the human-centered innovation mindset and enhance the skills they need to lead teams successfully. As these contexts differ depending on the organization´s needs and strategy, we offer this as a customized program, which can vary on multiple levels. For example we create Leadership formats as part of corporate development programmes; we design and conduct offers in cooperation with International Business Schools; we redesign your corporate event such as an annual Leadership Meeting. Get in touch with us and we create this program together.



Strategic Design Thinking for Every Day – Online Course

It is going to be a practice-focused, very condensed format that will allow:

  • you as an interested new Design Thinking pioneer to get a compact insight into Strategic Design Thinking and unlock your hidden innovation capacity in times of extreme constraints.
  • you as a Design Thinking practitioner / Professional Track alumni to refresh and easily share the Design Thinking strategies to manage complexity with your colleagues.

General knowledge of Design Thinking and an affinity towards human-centered design is sufficient to take part in this online training. If you already have knowledge in Design Thinking, you will discover the strategic principles behind the method and new application areas as this online learning course is targeted on taking practice into application in every-day life.

Duration: 4 weeks (9 modules of 90 minutes total time each)


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