For Project Partners
For Project Partner

Our project partners use the HPI D-School as a think-tank - and even more as a “do-tank” - to find solutions to their corporate and organizational issues. Project teams are composed of our project partners, our students and HPI D-School team members.  In 8 and 16 week projects you can develop creative, joint solutions for your real corporate problems.

Whether yours is a logistics or media company, whether it is a global player or a neighborhood association – Design Thinking helps to develop  the processes,  products, services and organizations of tomorrow in a way that is more creative, faster and practically oriented.  Innovation- eager partners collaborate with our highly motivated and talented students.  The exciting synergies and solutions created in these meetings are truly impressive.

In the HPI School of Design Thinking education, actual problems of medium and large companies in industry, trade and service are solved. We also support non-profit companies and public institutions. Our partners come  from both home and abroad.

In a working environment that uniquely promotes collaboration (place), solutions to your issues and problems are developed by student teams (people)  based on the design thinking process and innovative solutions are created that are  first and foremost customer-oriented.

In this overview you will find our current project partners from industry and society. Together with the student teams and teaching staff, they develop solutions to complex problems. In the best cases, participants continue to develop and expand the innovation potential afterwards in their company or organization. At the HPI D-School they get what they need to do this.