Basic & Advanced Track Projects

Different Project Lengths for Different Needs: The 8-week project (Basic Track) is ideal for initial insight and to get a taste of Design Thinking. For those who wish to dive deeper into the material and who want better choice and control possibilities for their project, the 16-week project (Advanced Track) is recommended because of its time frame.

Basic Track Project

The project partnership in a 8-week project is especially designed for getting to know Design Thinking based on smaller/ medium issues of complexity and the working method at the HPI D-School. Preference is given to companies and organizations from the greater Berlin- Brandenburg area.

Advanced Track Project

The project partnership in a 16-week project offers more room for more complex problems. A longer processing time makes especially sophisticated approaches possible. This requires a more intensive involvement of project partners.

At the end of the 8- and 16-week projects, the solutions developed are documented and presented using one or more functional prototypes. These prototypes include the knowledge and background that have led to the development of the idea. Not only can the approach be experienced directly, but it is a perfect way to convey ideas in a tangible and fast way to third parties.

Communication that is open, active, respectful and lacking in a hierarchical structure is an essential part of the process. It is crucial for successful collaboration and bolsters the learning experience for both sides – for students and for you as project partner.


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