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Becoming a Project Partner

From logistics or media company, to global player or neighborhood association – Design Thinking helps to develop the processes, products, services and organizations of tomorrow in a fast and creative way. At the HPI D-School, innovation-eager partners from all kinds of industries collaborate with highly motivated and talented students.

Together with our project development and program team, you will develop your project question, the so-called design challenge.

In a working environment that fosters collaboration, our multidisciplinary student teams develop human-centered solutions to your problem by applying the Design Thinking process.

Are you interested in working with us? We offer various cooperation possibilities:





     Basic Track


     Advanced Track

  • Project duration: one week
  • Design challenge for beginners
  • Eight teams per project 
  • Project duration: eight weeks
  • Innovation problem
  • Development of concept ideas
  • Two teams per project
  • Project duration: one semester
  • Complex problem
  • Development of design solutions, business models, and implementation plan
  • One team per project

As a project partner, you play an active part during the HPI D-School training program. You receive profound insights into the Design Thinking method, mindset and our innovative work culture. You advise our students regarding the feasibility/practicality of their ideas. You provide necessary information, perspectives, opinions and assistance so they can develop for you – but preferably in collaboration with you – a realizable solution to your problem.

If you would like to become a project partner, please contact Trixi Gumbel.

HPI D-School project partners


Trixi Gumbel

HPI School of Design Thinking
Project Development

Tel.: +49 -331-5509-1347



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