Becoming a Project Partner

Whether yours is a logistics or media company, whether it is a global player or a neighborhood association – Design Thinking helps to develop  the processes,  products, services and organizations of tomorrow in a way that is more creative, faster and practically oriented.  Innovation- eager partners collaborate with our highly motivated and talented students.  The exciting synergies and solutions created in these meetings are truly impressive.
In a working environment that uniquely promotes collaboration (place), solutions to your issues and problems are developed by student teams (people)  based on the design thinking process and innovative solutions are created that are  first and foremost customer-oriented.

Interested to work with us?
Various cooperation possibilities are open to you:

As partner of one of our 8 or 16 week projects a question will be jointly developed with us – the so-called Design Challenge. Our students will work on this challenge together with you to find an innovative solution.

Moreover you have the possibility to become a project partner for one of our intensive Design Thinking programs, the Design Thinking Week.

Our partners are involved closely in the content and timing of the HPI D-School training program. You receive profound insight into the design thinking process and our basic work culture. As a partner you advise our students regarding the feasibility/practicality of their ideas. You give them the necessary information, perspectives, opinions and assistance so that they can develop for you  –  but preferably in collaboration with you – a realistic solution to your problem.

Would you like to become a project partner? Write us!


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HPI School of Design Thinking
Project Development

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