Dare to step into the future. As a project partner you benefit from a proven method, curious students and an innovative work environment. You and your team get a sense of the positive effect these parameters have on the development of new ideas, products and services. Test a new kind of cooperation that centers on people, but also on the required competitiveness essential for a rapidly changing world. Design Thinking is a method, but also an attitude. You can experience and learn here:  

  • More creative, faster and more practical idea development and implementation 
  • Multidisciplinary teams of highly motivated and talented students 
  • Using new perspectives on your own work 
  • International Flair 
  • High awareness of trends 
  • Scientifically based, field-tested 
  • Further development of your own work culture 
  • Testing new forms of cooperation 
  • Developing solutions that are customer-oriented 
  • Better choice and control possibilities for businesses and organizations 
  • Quickly communicating ideas internally and externally with tangible prototypes 
  • Open, active and respectful communication with a lack of hierarchy




Trixi Gumbel

HPI School of Design Thinking
Project Development

Tel.: +49 -331-5509-1347
Fax: +49 -331-5509-589



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