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Benefits of a project partnership

As a project partner, you benefit from the established Design Thinking approach, motivated students and an innovative working environment. At the HPI D-School, you and your team will feel how these elements can have a positive impact on the development of new ideas, products, services and your organizational culture. Get to know a new way of collaboration that puts humans at the center of attention and makes them competitive in a complex and rapidly changing world.


Advantages for project partners:

  • Creative, fast and practical development and implementation of ideas
  • Multidisciplinary teams of highly motivated and talented students
  • Benefit of new perspectives on your own work
  • International environment
  • Findings from Design Thinking research applied in practice
  • Detailed project documentation
  • Inspiration for the transformation of your own work culture
  • Testing new forms of collaboration
  • Targeted development of human-oriented solutions
  • Communicate ideas to internal and external stakeholders quickly and tangibly with prototypes
  • Participation in networking events and exchange with other partner organizations
  • Opportunity to attract talent to your own organization
  • Open, active and appreciative communication without hierarchies


Project partner statements

"The results were very encouraging. It was a difficult project, but the students developed a great solution to our problem. They showed us how the Design Thinking approach can be used to approach topics differently than we were used to." Guido Rebstock, CEO Innovation Region Hohenlohe

"Our experience as an HPI project partner was powerful, delightful and significantly enlightening. First - at all times we appreciated clear communications and a sense of "being in good hands".  This was a delightful break in the chaotic world of Covid - even though we were doing and trying new ways of being connected, the friendly atmosphere and interactions with the students and mentors were reassuringly organized in thoughtful ways. Through the course of the different phases of the project - a sense of surprising enlightenment could descend after wandering deeply into the fog of complexity of Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy. Most powerfully - the comradeship built during the process was so valuable and uplifting - we even connected with a parallel project and made friends with the project partner and team. If you get a chance to be a HPI project partner, be ready for both WOW and Wonder!"  Mei Lin Fung, Chair & Cofounder at People Centered Internet, Cofounder ImpactX, Chair IEEE IC Social Impact Measurement

Video: Final Presentations Advanced Track winter semester 2019/20


In this video you can see impressions of the Advanced Track final presentations in the winter semester 2019/20 with statements from the HPI D-School management, students and project partners.

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