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Statements on the Hasso Plattner Institute

Quote by Prof. Hasso Plattner, founder of HPI

“The institute here in Potsdam is my contribution to training  internationally competitive junior managers, who help to shape and advance the digital world.”  

Prof. Hasso Plattner

Quotes on the HPI from Dr. Angela Merkel

“HPI does not only play an important role in the field of science. It also acts as an intermediary between science, business and politics. “

Dr. Angela Merkel, former German Chancellor

Quotes on the HPI from Dr. Dietmar Woidke

"At HPI innovations are happening as a result of an interplay between science, education, economy and politics. We are proud in Brandenburg to have the institute here in Potsdam"

Dr. Dietmar Woidke, Minister President of the Land Brandenburg

Dr. Manja Schüle

"Digital and analog learning and working will complement each other equally in the future. The future doesn't just mean being able to operate digital technologies. The future means being able to shape it. This is precisely what HPI, as Brandenburg's digital pioneer, is researching and teaching."

Dr. Manja Schüle, Minister for Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg

Iris Plöger

"In a world of rapid change, up-to-date, targeted and compact knowledge transfer is of great importance, especially when it comes to digital topics. HPI makes an important contribution to this: It trains the IT experts of tomorrow, offers important continuing education formats and creates a unique platform for networking and knowledge transfer between science, business and politics within the framework of its events."

Iris Plöger, Member of the Executive Board BDI - Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V.

Quotes on the HPI from Britta Ernst

"Hasso Plattner Institute is the Ministry of Education’s partner par excellence in promoting highly gifted grade school students. At the Institute’s Youth College, young people are introduced early on to the fascinating world of computer science and IT systems.”

Britta Ernst, former Minister of Education, Youth and Sport in the federal state of Brandenburg

Quotes on the HPI from August-Wilhelm Scheer

"With its director Prof. Meinel, HPI  is a premier address for research and education in computer science today and, with its expansion to Israel, the US, China and South Africa, an international flagship."

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. August-Wilhelm Scheer, founder and sole shareholder of Scheer GmbH

Quotes on the HPI from Prof. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Ischinger

"HPI is doing important pioneering work. By involving science, business and politics, cross-border university research in the digitization topics of the future is possible – also in the crucial security policy field of cyber security."

Prof. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Ischinger, former chairman of the Munich Security Conference

Quotes on the HPI from Dirk Backofen

"The Hasso Plattner Institute presents an outstanding example of user-oriented scientific work and research.  It distinguishes itself through a clear focus on the practical application of new technologies in the high-tech and cyber security industries.  I only wish we had more of such places in Germany.”

Dirk Backofen, Head of Telekom Security 

Quotes on the HPI from Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta

“HPI deserves the outstanding reputation it enjoys. The application-oriented education and connections to policy-makers and business, as at the Industry 4.0 Conference, are real innovation-drivers in the development of digital and smart systems. We need more of that!“

Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta, CEO of  DB Cargo

Quotes on the HPI from Prof. Dr. Günther Stock

"The HPI is a good example for innovation driven by an institution, for innovation in learning and work processes, truly living up to interdisciplinarity."

Prof. Dr. Günther Stock, CEO of Einstein Foundation Berlin

Quotes on the HPI from Prof. Dr. Dieter Kempf

"HPI offers an outstanding computer science education and stands for professional excellence, practical relevance and creativity. It’s also a place where high school students can come to find inspiration and develop a passion for technology and IT."

Prof. Dr. Dieter Kempf, former president of The Federation of German Industries (BDI)

Quotes on the HPI from Vinton Cerf

"Thinking about complex systems and how we organize them is an elementary component of the teaching and research at this institute, and that’s very impressive."

Vinton Cerf, Google

Quote on the HPI by Wolfgang Sobotka

"To me Hasso Plattner Institute represents an ideal point of intersection between science, business and industry, while providing a huge added value for transformation processes with its services.”  

 Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the Austrian National Council