Hasso-Plattner-Institut20 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut20 Jahre HPI

Trends und Konzepte in der Softwareindustrie II (incl. EAI II) (Wintersemester 2006/2007)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Hasso Plattner (Enterprise Platform and Integration Concepts)

General Information

  • Weekly Hours: 2
  • Credits: 3
  • Graded: yes
  • Enrolment Deadline: 16.11.2006
  • Teaching Form:
  • Enrolment Type: Compulsory Elective Module


  • IT-Systems Engineering MA


Preliminary Information

This lecture will be held in a seminar style. The group will discuss several hot topics with Prof. Plattner. The topics are related to the contents of Trends and Concepts part I.


Trends and Concepts Part I is recommended but not required.


recommended reading :

  • all material from part I should be known
  • more specific material will be published on the department's website before the seminar


groupwork, discussions, ...


Grading information

Grading will primarily  be based on group work. Participants will be assigned to small teams. Each team will be assigned a task to work on. All topics discussed during the seminar shall be applied to that task.

  1. group-presentations and discussions on Friday, March 2nd
  2. short written report about group work and discussion results until March 16th
  3. possibility to reward outstanding seminar contributions


  • Block seminar: 26.2.2007 - 2.3.2007 HS 2
  • Presentation / discussion: 2.3.2007  HS 2