Study Programs

The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam is the only university faculty in Germany to offer a degree program in IT Systems Engineering and a postgraduate study program in Design Thinking. HPI offers a practically-oriented education with award-winning degrees — without tuition fees.

IT Systems Engineering: A Practically-Oriented Computer Science Study Program

The focus of the university education at Hasso Plattner Institute is on IT Systems Engineering and, in particular, the aspect of software. Students are first introduced to the fundamentals of computer science and subsequently focus on the conception and development of complex software systems. The course content is specifically tailored to fit the present and future challenges of the IT industry.  It includes a comprehensive soft skills program and courses in entrepreneurship. The latter provides HPI students with the skills they needs on the path to self-employment based on their own business ideas.

Design Thinking: The Innovation Method for the Ideas of Tomorrow

Ideas are the raw material of the future., HPI teaches the creativity to develop personal ideas with its supplementary training program in Design Thinking. As participants in the unique HPI School of Design Thinking study program, students from all disciplines learn how to develop innovative solutions for every area of life in multidisciplinary teams.

Entrepreneurship: From Lecture Hall to Executive Chair

Students enrolled in the IT Systems Engineering program at Hasso Plattner Institute receive more than an education in becoming software architects, project leaders or scientists. HPI gives its students the skills they need on the path to self-employment, founded on their own business idea.

Youth Academy: The Fun and Creative Way to Experience Computer Science

Beyond its degree program, HPI is committed to inspiring enthusiasm about computer science in high school students. In Youth Academy events young people learn how to handle technical issues while at the same time having fun. Participants discover the creative potential in developing software solutions.