Arpita Mallikarjuna Kappattanavar

Guest Research Assistant Digital Health - Connected Healthcare - Hasso Plattner Institute



Prof. Dr. Azadeh Dindarian  

Professor of  Digital Supply Chain Management - SRH Berlin

Prof. Dr. Dindarian is a professor of  Digital Supply Chain Management at SRH Berlin. She is specialized in digitalization, green supply chain management, and (re)manufacturing. Further more she is skilled in leading complex projects and managing multi-stakeholder products: "My expertise lies in innovating software solutions, executing data-driven projects, and creating excellent digitalization within cross-functional teams."




Azin Zahraei

Software Engineer - DeepL SE 

"I’m a software engineer who’s been working at DeepL for the past 3 years. I have a master’s in computational linguistics from Saarland University. Outside of work, I enjoy reading about neuroscience and climbing."



Ferdous Nasri

Founder - code curious Founder and scientific researcher - Hasso Plattner Institute

Ferdous has been an integral part of the Berlin tech community for over a decade. She started by organizing workshops to enable women* with zero  background in tech to learn how to code, and ended up founding an organization dedicated to creating safe spaces for women* to come together and code. She is a bioinformatician, with work experience in small tech start-ups and large  companies, and has lived in many countries. She is currently using AI in pathogen spread detection for her PhD at HPI.


Isabel Bär

IT Consultant - Senacor Technologies AG

Isabel is a skilled professional with a Master's degree in Data Engineering from Hasso Plattner Institute. She is an IT consultant at a German IT consulting company, where she leads implementation of responsible AI principles for generative AI systems. Isabel is a regular speaker at conferences and has also undertaken the role of organizing conferences on Data and AI for women, thereby showcasing her commitment to knowledge sharing and community building.


Dr. Jiska Classen 

Group Leader Cybersecurity - Mobile & Wireless - Hasso-Plattner-Institut

Jiska Classen is a wireless and mobile security researcher. The intersection of these topics means that she digs into iOS internals, reverse engineers wireless firmware, and analyzes proprietary protocols. Her practical work on public Bluetooth security analysis tooling uncovered remote code execution and cryptographic flaws in billions of mobile devices. She also likes to work on obscure and upcoming wireless technologies, such as satellite communication and Ultra-Wideband.


MonicaGonzalez Machorro

PhD Candidate - Hasso Plattner Institute and Junior AI Researcher in Digital Healthcare and Wellbeing - audEERING GmbH

"I am a junior AI researcher specialized in digital healthcare and wellbeing at audEERING GmbH, andcurrently pursuing a PhD in digital health at the Hasso Plattner Institute. Growing up in Mexico and with an academic background in linguistics, my diverse career path reflects adapting to and growing with varied challenges that have shaped my journey in AI."


Nicola Appel

Cyber Security Awareness & Communication - Deutsche Bahn AG


Pauline Gieseler

Maser studnet - Hasso Plattner Institute



Charlotte Balcke

Student - Hasso Plattner Institute

Charlotte Balcke studies at HPI and works as a student trainee in the automotive industry. Last year, she and a fellow student founded the empowerHER initiative, which inspires young women to study STEM subjects. Her commitment to the advancement of girls and women is reflected in her participation in numerous national events, where she addresses topics such as computer science, gender stereotypes and role models in the STEM field in lectures, workshops and discussions.

Dilem Kaya

Master Student Advanced Neurofeedback & Upskilling GmbH

"Hi, I'm Dilem, a passionate learner with a love of  technology and innovation. After having earned my bachelor's degree in computer science, I am now starting in the Digital Health Master program at HPI. I am currently working at Advanced Neurofeedback & Upskilling GmbH and learning a lot about performance. I co-founded a start-up and am passionate about entrepreneurship. My goal is to share knowledge and enthusiasm, to inspire others and, especially, to motivate women to believe in themselves."

Olga Schesler

Program and Project Manager - Hasso Plattner Institute

Olga Schesler works as Program and Project Manager in the area of Design Innovation. Her current focus is on community management, process and change management. As part of her pedagogical and political activities, she is specifically committed to the promotion and future orientation of girls+. To this end, she actively participates in youth conferences and school workshops to show young people new perspectives and encourage them in their endeavors.

Rosmarie Debskie

student - Hasso Plattner Institute and working student - Ambrosys

HPI student and working student at Ambrosys with a special passion for data science and the Women in Tech Initiative.