Hasso-Plattner-Institut20 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut20 Jahre HPI

Student Societies

In the winter term 2006/07, the HPI introduced an initiative that provides students with an opportunity to actively participate in shaping life at the institute: HPI's Student Societies. They enable students to grow with their projects while the HPI grows with the various societies' activities.

Participation and Awards

From the end of their first term, participation in a society of their choice is compulsory for all Bachelor’s students. The time needed for society activities depends on the division of tasks and on individual commitment within each group. It is possible to move from one society to another.

Apart from the fact that project management experience is an indispensable soft skill, students benefit from society participation in multiple ways:

(1) If desired, students receive a certificate along with their diploma. This certificate documents extracurricular activities and can be an important advantage when applying for a job.
(2)The most successful student societies are awarded a prize each year.

  • 2018: School Society, Connect Society, Band Society
  • 2017: Film Society, HPI Mgzn/Newspaper Society, Refugee Aid Society, Klub School Society, Connect Society 
  • 2016: Coder Dojo, PR Society, Film Society, High School Society (special award), Connect Society (special award)
  • 2015: Student Representatives (1st), Connect Society (2nd), Website Society (3rd), High School Society (special award)
  • 2014: PR Society and Student Representatives (1st), High School Society (2nd), Photo Society (3rd)
  • 2013: High School Society (1st), PR Society (2nd), Newspaper and HPI Connect Societies (3rd)
  • 2012: High School, Events Society, Photo Society, HPI Band and iDeveloper Society
  • 2011: Visual Art Society, Film Society, Photo Society as well as the Alumni Society
  • 2010: Events Society, IT Society, the Debating Society and the HPI Magazine
  • 2009: High School Society, the HPI Band, Events, Alumni and Public Relations Societies
  • 2008: High School, Alumni, and HPI Connect Societies
  • 2007: High School and Newspaper Societies


Book Club

CoderDojo Club

Competitive Programming Club


EvaP Hacking Club

Festivities and Events


Refugee Aid Club



Visual Arts

Maker Club

Mobile Developer

PR and (International) Contacts

High School-Related Activities

Board Games




HPI Magazine

Contact Person for Student Societies

  • Dr. Timm Krohn
    Attorney-at-law, Head of Finance, Human Resources and Law

Some societies are prethemed, but students are invited to come up with their own ideas and start new initiatives anytime.