Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

For the first time in history, the SUGAR Network organizes a fully virtual SUGAR Expo to have a sneak peek of the innovation of tomorrow.

About this Event

SUGAR EXPO Cloud- June 5th, 2020

We provide you the incredients to mix the perfect innovation SUGAR cocktail on June 5th, 2020.

As our network consists of 26 universities from around the globe, we were motivated to provide a live stage for all of our involved students at the end of this unique academic innovation course independent in which time zone they currently live in. Therefore, we created the SUGAR Expo Cloud event in form of 3 mini conferences, called Nimbus, Cirrus, and Stratu. The similar conference structure enables us to provide a live event with unique content three times as the protagonists (speakers) and projects change throughout the whole day. You can actively pick and choose from the schedule or join us for the whole day. You can gain insights from around the world how students, corporates and academia put global innovation into action despite the many challenges like Covid-19. The event consists of world-class innovation project presentations, keynote speeches, and corporate panel discussions.

The Sugar EXPO 19/20 will take place as a Cloud version. You can register here