HPI Startup Bootcamp #MediaTech

From December 6 - 8 2019 the HPI Startup Bootcamp brought together students from various disciplines like IT-Systems Engineering, Media and Business Administration with industry experts to create and realize great business ideas.

In 50 hours of hard work, they lived through the ups and downs that come along with building a team and bringing forth new business ideas. Experienced startup life first hand and connected with inspiring people in a weekend full of fun and creativity!

Real business challenges were provided by our industry partner Rolls Royce.

Why MediaTech?

MediaTech is an integral part of our everyday lives. We interact consciously and subconsciously with media technologies to get informed, supported or entertained.

MediaTech combines various emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, image and text recognition with fields like Journalism, Education, the Gaming Industry and many more.

Since 2017 Potsdam is Germanys digital Hub for MediaTech. Accordingly, the Hasso Plattner Institute, the University of Potsdam and the Film University Babelsberg work together to foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


The HPI Startup Bootcamp 2019 - Wrap-up

The HPI E-School hosted this year's bootcamp dedicated to the hot topic "Media Tech" in December. It was targeted specifically at HPI and D-School students/ alumni and was also open for additional participants with special knowledge in the field of healthcare.

Over 50 participants worked intensely on innovative startup ideas within the domain of “Media Tech”. In 50 hours consisting of team building, pitching, iterating and prototyping, the teams went through the ups and downs that come along with bringing forth a new startup idea. The participants built 7 interdisciplinary teams working their way through the weekend. Among the participants coming from more than 10 different nations all kind of skills were represented ranging from business, IT, Design Thinking and healthcare.

The insights and feedback from industry-experts made this event a unique experience for all participants. Martin Karlsch and Christian Liesegang, co-Founders of Remerge, shared their founding experience in the tech sector. Jana Bürkert and Tim von Klitzing from Mimi Hearing Technlogies gave further interesting insights into the world of startups in the Media Tech area. The teams also benefited from one-on-one coaching and valuable inputs coming from speakers such as Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Academic Director of the HPI D-School or Caroline Gorski, Group Director of R2 Data Labs of Rolls Royce. 

At the end of the weekend the expert jury consisting of Erdinç Koç, Head of the MediaTech Hub Accelerator in Potsdam, Dr. Klaus Paul from Rolls Royce Deutschland and Dr. Claudia Nicolai from the HPI D-School, assessed the teams critically and chose the Bootcamp winner and the best pitch winner. After a lively discussion, the jury announced team Datafy as the winner. Datafy sets out to help analysts make data driven decisions by enhancing visualization in a collaborative kanban platform. With their powerful UX and the efficient collaboration techniques of their tool, they want to make the everydaywork of analysts in a complex data driven world easier. 

We are totally thrilled to see which teams will pursue their idea further. Each project has the potential to solve existing challenges within the industry!


R² Data Labs was formed in 2017 to be a catalyst and accelerator for RollsRoyce data innovation. R² Data Labs works across the Rolls-Royce Group as federated community of practice. Working collaboratively with Business Units, we identify, test, prove and accelerate new technologies and business models that best position Rolls-Royce to adopt, deploy and industrialise market-leading data innovation, creating change and positive disruption. We develop and mature the new data innovation expertise capabilities and digital first culture needed to achieve Rolls-Royce’s digital strategy. R² Data Labs are specialist practitioners, who create vibrant communities of practice in the pioneering capabilities and tools that are critical to accelerate data innovation and raising Rolls-Royce’s digital readiness levels:

• AI, machine learning & data engineering emerging technologies

• Ecosystem-led open innovation & venturing

• Business model disruption

• Building digital skills and culture

• Data innovation best practice, methodologies and operating models

The Berlin AI Hub specialises on very focussed, highly specialised, digital assistants, integrating UX, machine learning, efficient feature engineering, and active learning into tools that improve efficiency and accuracy. We offer AI Gyms and Mini AI Gyms, training our colleagues on programming, data engineering, and machine learning skills, and also organise local digitalks, in-house meetups where external parties can showcase their (digital) offerings.



During the weekend all teams work on challenges provided by Rolls Royce. These are problems that Rolls Royce is actively interested in solving and working jointly with startups - so there is a great opportunity to continue working on the ideas jointly with Rolls Royce after the Bootcamp.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2


Each team has the opportunity to present their hard-won solutions to an expert jury at the big finale of the HPI Startup Bootcamp. The jury consists of an independent panel of industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs. Furthermore, several speakers provide valuable and relevant information from their startup experience.

Caroline Gorski, Rolls Royce R² Data Labs

Caroline Gorski is Group Director of R² Data Labs, charged with developing the strategy and implementation of data innovation technologies and capabilities for Rolls-Royce that lead to new insights, new solutions and new business models, generating substantial value for the Group. Having graduated from Oxford University with an MA, Caroline has spent 25 years analysing, advising and managing strategic change at the leading edge of technology development, including as Head of IoT and Digital Manufacturing for Digital Catapult, part of the UK Government’s innovation support network. Currently, she holds NED and Board Advisory positions for CENSIS and Sensing Feeling as well as roles advising and supporting regional and national governments around the world in Digital Strategy development.

Dr. Klaus Paul, Rolls Royce R² Data Lab

Dr. Klaus Paul is the Emerging Technologies Capabilities Lead and Head of the Berlin AI Hub for R²Data Labs at Rolls-Royce Deutschland. Klaus has an aerospace engineering degree from TU Munich, and a space engineering Ph.D. from TU Munich also visiting NC State University in Raleigh, and NASA Langley Research Center. He was working in various roles on software intense complex and safety critical systems in Aerospace and Automotive. At Rolls-Royce he held roles in the engine control systems team, the engine health monitoring services team, after which he joined what now is R² Data Labs. His main activities are defining the role of the Berlin AI Hub, its portfolio and product offering.

Martin Karlsch & Dr. Christian Liesegang, Remerge

Martin received his M.Sc. in IT-Systems Engineering from the HassoPlattner-Institute in 2006. Since then he has founded several Berlin based startups including artmesh, madvertise (sold to MNG), liquidm (sold to Bertelsman), and remerge (profitable and valued at 100m€+) where he currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer. While still a tech enthusiast who tries to open a code editor at least once a week, he spends most of his time improving engineering and data science teams, as well as their processes and tools. Outside of his day to day job he challenges his luck as an angel investor, dabbles in electronics, and tries to see and learn as much as possible from the world.


Christian received his M.Sc. in IT-Systems Engineering in 2006 and his Ph.D. in IT-Systems Engineering in 2010 from the Hasso-PlattnerInstitute. Since then he has worked for Bombardier Transportation and AirBerlin Technik before he became part of the founding team of remerge in 2014 where he currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer. Being an engineer Christian oversees all operational processes of remerge’s retargeting activities and proper technical integration into the ad tech ecosystem. Outside of his job Family is key to him.

Tim von Klitzing & Jana Bürkert, Mimi Hearing Technologies

Jana and Tim have been responsible for the Good Hearing Initiative of Mimi Hearing Technologies since January 2019, which aims to improve global hearing health with the technology of Mimi Hearing Technologies.

Jana holds an M.A. degree from New York University, Tim holds a B.A. degree in Political Science & History from ALU Freiburg. 

Erdinç Koç, Media Tech Accellerator

Erdinç Koç was part of the APX Axel Springer Porsche Investment Team and is now the Head of the MediaTech Hub Accelerator. In his position he aims to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in Brandenburg and beyond. His goal is to help startups to go from good to great.

Dr. Claudia Nicolai from HPI School of Design Thinking

Claudia is Academic Director and Co-Head of HPI School of Design Thinking. Since 2010 Claudia designs the educational programs and research activities at the HPI D-School. She has co- developed the D-school in Malaysia (genovasi) and the HPI d-school at the University of Cape Town, as well as the biothinking program at the Charité.

Markus Schranner, Startup Germany e.V.

Markus studied Business and was responsible for the Lean-/Innovationmanagement of the Carrier Corporation in EMEA until 2010. In the same year he started a consulting company with a focus on processimprovement. He sold this company to the Pyrix, Inc., of San Francisco, a platform for political donations. In 2013 Markus started Startup Germany e.V., to support founders and entrepreneurs. Besides that he is the CEO of s2m GmbH, which is specialized in innovationmanagement.

Bootcamp Winner: Team Datafy - Visualization of Complex Data

We live in a data obsessed world and it's visualization becomes more complex every day...

Datafy helps analysts make data driven decisions by enhancing visualization in a collaborative kanban platform. 

Best Pitch Winner: Simply - AI supported software for a speedy global supply chain

Simply has developed an AI supported app/software to enable service centers with global supply chains to speed up problem resolution and reduce costs. The software is using and learning from past events and is integrating different resource management systems. The product will offer you the optimal solution, flag availability of all required resources, and the calculation for the expected service recovery. You will save up to 33% of your planning time services because you don’t need to search manually for solutions and resources required.

Team Rechoir - Listen to Complex Data

We improve data insights by using not only your visual but also your auditory sense! 

Rechoir is a webapp software as a service solution.  

Team Prefire - Saving farmers from Wildfires

We make wildfire risk management simple and accessible through visualising and monitoring affected and at risk areas. Our unique technology leverages various open data sources to provide localised real-time predictions through an webapp. 

Team Logangels - B2B transport platform

Currently international high speed delivery is expensive and intransparent. Locangels will provide a platform for efficient B2B transport that offers and coordinates traditional logistics providers, as well as untapped logistic potential operational reliability and data transparency. Seamless delivery is empowered by our logistical digital platform.

Team Gamble It - SaaS for monitoring engineers

Wannalabel is a software as a service that helps health monitoring engineers who want to diagnose data trends by grouping similar trends and by collaborating with colleagues.

Team Get Your Kid Together - Helping kids to spent less time on screen

The vision of GYKT is to empower mindful kids in a tech addicted world. The app is a mobile and webexperience, that enables children to independently share and organize offline events in one swipe by disrupting tech addiction while preserving data safety.