HPI-HHL Startup Bootcamp #DigitalHealth

From 24 - 26 November the HPI-HHL Startup Bootcamp brought together excellent HPI IT-Systems Engineering students, HHL business students, D-School alumni and healthcare experts to create great business ideas in interdisciplinary teams, support the practical implementation and develop business model concepts. In 50 hours of hard work, the participants lived through the ups and downs that come along with building a team and bringing forth new business ideas. Experience startup life first hand and connect with inspiring people for a weekend full of fun and creativity - that was the agenda!

Why Digital Health?

Healthcare is one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing markets and as John Sculley, former Apple CEO, rightly comments:

“The healthcare industry missed the pc revolution, it missed the internet revolution, and it can’t afford to miss the mobility and cloud revolution.”

The digital revolution is long overdue in the area of healthcare. Now the industry is being flooded with new, emergent and disruptive businesses. Be part of the game!

The HPI bootcamp brings together visionaries and practitioners to exploit opportunities that come along with recent advances created by real-time, cross-linked big data streams, social media, wearables, and many more.

The HPI-HHL Startup Bootcamp 2017 - Wrap-up

The HPI E-School hosted this year's bootcamp dedicated to the hot topic "Digital Health" in November. It was targeted specifically at HPI, D-School or HHL students/ alumni and was also open for additional participants with special knowledge in the field of healthcare.

Over 50 participants worked intensely on innovative startup ideas within the domain of “Digital Health”. In 50 hours consisting of team building, pitching, iterating and prototyping, the teams went through the ups and downs that come along with bringing forth a new startup idea. The participants built 6 interdisciplinary teams working their way through the weekend. Among the participants coming from 9 different nations all kind of skills were represented ranging from business, IT, Design Thinking and healthcare.

Making this event a unique experience were experts from the healthcare industry to share their know-how and give feedback on the way. Sven Mischkewitz, co-Founder of ThinkSono, shared his founding experience in the healthcare sector. Harm van Maanen, founder of DieBrückenköpfe, and Min-Sung Sean Kim from Allianz Ventures gave further interesting insights into the world of startups in the Digital Health area. The teams also benefited from one-on-one coaching and valuable inputs coming from speakers such as Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Academic Director of the HPI D-School or Dr. Dorian Proksch, Managing Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial and Innovative Management of the HHL.

At the end of the weekend the expert jury consisting of Min-Sung Sean Kim from Allianz Ventures Digital Health, Jan Schreiber from Roche Diagnostics and Harm van Maanen from Brückenköpfe assessed the teams critically and chose the Bootcamp winner and the best pitch winner. After a lively discussion, the jury announced team CareBnB as the winner. CareBnB sets out to connect elderly people suffering from loneliness and young people in need of economic lodging. Team Mediary won the best pitch award for their solution that supports cancer patients to track their side-effects via wearable sensors.

We are totally thrilled to see which teams will pursue their idea further. Each project would make the world a better place!

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Roche Diagnostics was the industry partner of the Bootcamp. We were proud to have Roche Diagnostics at our side as a renowned healthcare  company and that the participants had the chance to get in touch with them. Roche has been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Today, Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally. Roche Diagnostics gives patients the power of knowing that they can be in control of their health today to benefit from a healthier tomorrow.

Roche sent three experts, who actively participated in the event, were open for questions during an expert session, and sat on the jury.

Find out more about Roche Diagnostics


Each team had the opportunity to present their hard-won solutions to an expert jury at the big finale of the HPI-HHL Startup Bootcamp. The jury consisted of an independent panel of industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs. Furthermore, several speakers gave valuable and relevant information from their startup experience.

Harm van Maanen from DieBrückenKöpfe
After several years of working experience as business developer, Director of sales & marketing and Executive Vice President in different renowned companies, such as Springer Medizin he became one of the heads in BrückenKöpfe, where he advises and supports projects, start-ups and companies in the health care sector in order to make this healthcare system a little bit better for everyone. 

Dr. Lukasz Ostrowski from SAP

Lukasz is a product manager for the SAP Health Innovation Hub, that runs customer-centric innovative application development. He looks after all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from initial capture of requirements through co- innovation, development, testing, and go to market strategies. The main market segments addressed are healthcare providers and organizations with the focus on translational research, value based care and clinical data interoperability.

Min-Sung Sean Kim from Allianz Ventures

Min-Sung conducts global digital health investments for Allianz Ventures, the Venture Capital unit of Allianz Group, that reaches 75m customers in 80 countries worldwide. Prior to Allianz Ventures he was Partner of a Berlin-based venture capital fund that specialized in Digital Health Series A investments. Having been an entrepreneur before, he understands the challenges and difficulties of building up a company. With his blog, www.DigitalHealthVC.com, he hopes to serve as a helpful resource for digital health tech startups in the region. Min-Sung is also a contributing writer for mediums including TechCrunch and Tech.EU. He has invested in startups including Neuronation , Mimi, and mySugr.

Jan Schreiber from Roche Diagnostics

Over the last 12 years Jan Schreiber has been successful in many different roles – e.g. marketing, sales and communications – within Roche Diagnostics. He is responsible for the development of digital business models in the German sales market. Moreover, he is a mentor for the Startupbootcamp and a business angel since 2016.  

Sven Mischkewitz from Thinksono

About one year ago, Sven founded with his co- founder Fouad Al-Noor the startup Thinksono. They got to know each other at Entrepreneurship First in London. Sven is an awarding winning software engineer from HPI, Germany. Before joining Entrepreneur First, he worked on annotation tools for brain cells on projects for the Max-Planck-Institute for Brain Research. He focused on the field of Human-Computer-Interaction during his studies.

Dr. Dorian Proksch from HHL

Dorian is Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial and Innovative Management. Moreover, he holds various entrepreneurship lectures and supports founding and innovation activities at the HHL. 

Dr. Claudia Nicolai from HPI School of Design Thinking

Claudia is Academic Director and Co-Head of HPI School of Design Thinking. Since 2010 Claudia designs the educational programs and research activities at the HPI D-School. She has co- developed the d-school in Malaysia (genovasi) and the HPI d-school at the University of Cape Town, as well as the biothinking program at the Charité.

Leon Reiner from Impact Hub Berlin

As Managing Director of the Impact Hub Berlin, Leon is responsible for Business Development and Partnerships. Before founding the Impact Hub Berlin, he worked in a consulting firm for socia l entrepreneurs and was allowed to accompany the first incubator for social start-ups in the German- speaking countries during their development. In addition, he has developed and implemented social entrepreneurship programs for various universities. Leon has a degree in international development and economics.

In order to ensure smooth processes and to make sure everyone is on track during this weekend, Leon Reiner from Impact Hub Berlin guided through the program and supported with his experience wherever he could. We think he was a perfect match for the Bootcamp. 

An Overview of the Teams

Bootcamp Winner: Team CareBnB - Matchmaking between Empty Nesters and Social Context Switchers

CareBnB sets out to connect the elderly suffering from loneliness with low support needs and young people in need of affordable housing. While seniors often start to feel that their world is shrinking as they age, young people that leave their homes for educational or occupational reasons feel that their world expands, whilst feeling emotionally insecure.

To find the perfect match, CareBnB utilizes match-making algorithms, provides advanced screening services and direct customer support.

Best Pitch Winner: Team Mediary - Track side-effects of cancer treatment

Mediary is an easy solution for cancer patients to track their side-effects via wearable sensors. The collected data can be presented to the doctor during consultations using digital patient records. Our vision is to improve the security of cancer treatment and therefore, improve the overall cancer therapy and quality of life of the patients.

Team Baby-Mattress - Prevent sudden infant deaths syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a threat to newborn babies - causing 800 deaths in Germany per year. The baby mattress helps preventing newborns' death from SIDS. Equipped with new sensor technology, it allows a contactless monitoring of a child's health and notifies parents if problems arise.

Team HealthLog - Supports self-monitoring at home

HealthLog is improving lifes for up to 500,000 patients by providing a solution to self-monitor their coagulation disease at home. The software helps to keep track of the patient's medical values and facilitates the communication with their primary care physician.

Team Innopharmix - Supports depression patients finding the right medecine

Innopharmix wants to support patients with depression to increase their quality of life. Application that connects to local pharmacy will collect patient's data including symptoms and side effects. The pharmacy can offer personalized counseling with digital support through the data collection.

Team Unlocked - Give people a chance to communicate

Team Unlocked won the hearts of all the participants, coaches and jury members of this year's Bootcamp with their emotional presentation of their solution to give people who cannot communicate verbally or physically a voice again. Sometimes after a brainstroke or other strokes of fate, people are lying in the hospital, confined to their beds, not able to communicate, but being aware of everything that is happening around them: they are locked in. Team Unlocked sets out to use modern technology helping these people and their families to communicate.