HPI Startup Dojo 2021

In our three-day mini-accelerator, five teams from the HPI Startup Ecosystem receive exclusive consulting sessions with over 20 experienced mentors.

The word dojo describes a training facility for Japanese martial arts. The HPI Startup Dojo is not so much about fighting, but all the more about advancing young companies and exchanging ideas with experienced mentors. From September 2nd to September 4th, the HPI School of Entrepreneurship in cooperation with the HPI Seed Fund organized the Startup Dojo 2021.

During the three-day event, five HPI startups worked with more than 20 experts from different industries in 30 slots on their individual questions in the areas of marketing, sales, legal, venture capital, business models and product management. The participating startups neopolis, Flinkit, Seatti, voize and SEQSTANT were able to work on many of their challenges during the intensive consulting sessions. 

The HPI Startup Dojo culminated on Saturday evening with a final BBQ at the Hasso Plattner Foundation Villa. All participants, as well as other portfolio companies of the HPI Seed Fund, were able to share their experiences and had the opportunity to network with each other while enjoying good food and cool drinks in the pleasant ambience of the Heiligen See.


These startups were part of the Startup Dojo 2021

Five startups from the areas of Legal Tech, Digital Health, Hybrid Work and Construction Tech participated in the Startup Dojo 2021. 

Among them were: 


The startup Dojo was supported by experienced Mentors

In order to offer the greatest possible added value for the participating startups, the teams could submit their questions in the areas of sales, marketing, product management, business models, legal and venture capital in preparation for the Dojo. Based on these needs, the teams were connected with suitable experts in order to work on the issues during the Dojo. 

We would like to thank all mentors for their valuable support. Among others, they were: