Inspiration Talk "Digital Health" Video ist online

Am 2. Mai fand im Rahmen des diesjährigen BPC der Inspiration-Talk mit Dr. Sven Jungmann, zum Thema Digital Health, statt. Die Übertragung ist bei Tele-Task zu finden.

Thema des Vortrags war: How to shape a healthier future?

Healthcare has seen great advances in the recent decades. However, today's system is inefficient, and it faces intense cost pressures leading to staff shortages, high burnout rates, long waiting times, and health inequities. At the same time, society dreams of personalized care for everyone, everywhere, and at any time. Emerging technologies bear the promise of bringing us closer to that goal. Yet, healthcare is among the least digitized of all industries.
Dr. Sven Jungmann is a practising medical doctor with additional Master degrees in Public Health and Public Policy. Among others, he has worked with the European Commission’s eHealth and Wellbeing Unit, HELIOS Kliniken (Germany's largest healthcare provider), and an mHealth study funded by the German Ministry of Health. Hence he brings combined insights from both the frontline of healthcare and the macro perspective. Handelsblatt recently recognised his work by naming him one of Germany’s 100 "smartest innovators".

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Der Inspiration Talk "Digital Health" ist bei tele-TASK online

Am 2. Mai fand im Rahmen des diesjährigen BPC der Inspiration-Talk mit Dr. Sven Jungmann, zum Thema … > mehr