E-School XPERT-Talk: "How to identify and focus on the right market segments for your product idea?" mit Alexander Renneberg, Senior Analyst bei D-LABS + Networking mit Pizza&Bier

"Young entrepreneurs are passionate about their ideas. Almost every startup faces the uphill battle to acquire new paying customers in a short period of time. This is the moment of truth. Unfortunately, many great ideas suffer a crash landing, because their technology products fail to resonate with the demands of market - or - the startup team has developed an amazing technology, which unfortunately addresses the wrong market segment."

Über dieses und andere Themen, die bei der Gründung eines Tech-Unternehmens auftreten, spricht Alexander Renneberg, Senior Analyst von D-LABS bei diesem Xpert Talk.

Im Anschluss laden wir euch zu Pizza und Bier ein.

Der E-School Xpert Talk zusammengefasst:

Thema: How to identify and focus on the right market segments for your product idea?

Gastredner: Alexander Renneberg, Senior Analyst D-LABS

Inhalt: Identifying the right market segments. Including:

  • What needs to be done in order to find profitable market segments?
  • How to open up your product to become attractive for more market segments?
  • How to validate whether identified market segments are really profitable?
  • What must be done before investing into marketing & sales? 

Datum: 20.07.2017; Ort: E-School (Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 189, HPI Campus III, Raum G3.E15/16)

Zeit: 17:00-18:00 XPERT Talk, im Anschluss Pizza & Bier

Sprache: Deutsch oder Englisch (entsprechend des Publikums)

Anmeldung: ist notwendig. Bitte den Link aus der Einladungsemail nutzen.

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