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Entrepreneurship for Digital Engineering Researchers - Creating a Vision

Workshop-Kickoff: Entrepreneurship for Digital Engineering Researchers - Creating a Vision

Last Thursday, the four part workshop focusing on developing the vision, strategies and skills necessary to transform digital engineering research projects into start-ups, businesses, and enterprises has started. Participants learn and practice methods for creating new offerings based on technology driven projects. The participant's ideas include sovereign identity management solutions, laser cutting prototyping tools, as well as innovation project management approaches.

Throughout the workshop, participants learn:

  • To develop a more complete and deeper vision of what your project can become
  • To create a vision of how your research projects and insights can create value and become a start up or business
  • To develop a stronger sense of yourself as a maker of change and entrepreneur
  • To become familiar with the concepts, processes and tools of Digital Transformation
  • To have hands on experience with the concepts, processes and tools of Digital Transformation

The workshop series is a cooperation between Dr Edelman, Visiting Professor at the Hasso Plattner Insitut as well as Visiting Professor at Politecnico di Milano in Product Service System Design, who has previously served as the Director of Interdisciplinary Design at Stanford University’s Product Realization Lab, and the HPI School of Entrepreneurship, which seeks to encourage its students and scientists in the implementation of their own business ideas as entrepreneurs.

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