Office hour: Legal, tax and accounting with KPMG experts

Three HPI Startups could use the unique chance to ask their individual questions about legal, tax and accounting issue to four KPMG experts.

In a 1.5h workshop, each HPI Startup explained separately their situation and ask their individual questions. Thus, they got the great possibility to ask all the nasty and difficult questions about legal, tax, and accounting issues to a group of well-experienced startup experts from KPMG. Together they have more than 40 years working experiences and supported several startups and VCs.

The KPMG experts were:

  • Tim Dümichen, Partner Tax
  • Marius Sternberg, Partner Audit
  • Stefan Kimmel, Partner Law
  • Björn Knorr, Senior Manager Audit

The E-School team and the participating HPI Startups would like to thank KPMG for this great opportunity.