Project Steps

Wir laden Sie ein die IT-Infrastruktur für Ihre Forschungsarbeit zu nutzen. Reichen Sie einen Projektantrag für die Periode Herbst 2018 ein und erhalten Sie im November Zugriff. Sollte fortführend Zugang benötigt werden, ist ein neuer Projektantrag zu stellen.

Das Steering Committee des HPI Future SOC Labs, welches aus Vertretern des HPI und der Industrieunternehmen besteht, entscheidet über die Zusage der Projektanträge. Dies findet während des Future SOC Lab Days statt.

Upcoming Deadlines and Events in current period Spring 2018

1. Submit Project Proposal

2. Receive Decision

3. Access IT infrastructure Free of Charge

4. Document Project Results

5. Visit the HPI Future SOC Lab Day

Reports and Posters

Submit your reports and posters in PDF format four weeks prior to the announced Steering Committee meeting via Email to futuresoc-lab-info(at)hpi.de.

Running projects are requested to provide a report (3-5 pages) which addresses the following items:

  • Project idea,
  • Used Future SOC Lab resources,
  • Findings,
  • Next steps.

Project reports will be published as HPI Technical Report with an ISBN number. Please use one of the following templates for your submission and make sure to embed all fonts and images within the PDF.
Due to a change in the text layout, that is agreed with the University Press, and to ensure that the reports will be published in future, we would like to ask you not only to send us the PDF file, but also the resources (LaTeX/Word) to adapt them to the new layout.

Format template (based on IEEE Proceedings)

Additionally a poster shall be prepared to present the project idea and (first, preliminary, or final) results. The posters will be exhibited during the HPI Future SOC Lab Day. Please use templates provided by your institution for creating the poster in size DIN A1 and in portrait format.

Reports and posters in PDF format have to be submitted four weeks prior to the announced Steering Committee meeting via Email to futuresoc-lab-info(at)hpi.de