Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
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Michael Perscheid

Ph.D. Student


Software Architecture Group

Phone:  +49 331 5509-545

Fax:      +49 331 5509-229

Email:  michael.perscheid (at) hpi.uni-potsdam.de

Room:  C-E.5

Website: www.michaelperscheid.de


  • Tools and Concepts for Supporting Software Maintenance, e.g., Debugging, Testing, and Program Comprehension
  • Integration of Anomalies and Failure Causes 
  • Dynamic Analysis of Faulty Unit Test Behavior


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  • 4.
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  • 5.
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  • 6.
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Lecture Assistance

WS 2012/2013:

  • Lecture "Softwarearchitektur"
  • Lecture "IT-Unternehmensarchitektur"

SomS 2012:

  • Lecture "Softwaretechnik I"
  • Seminar "Programming Language Concepts, Tools, and Environments"
  • Bachelor project "Programming Models for Data Intensive Systems"

WS 2011/2012:

  • Lecture "Softwarearchitektur"
  • Lecture "Meta-Programming and Reflection"
  • Bachelor project "Programming Models for Data Intensive Systems"

SomS 2011:

  • Lecture "Softwaretechnik I"
  • Bachelor project "Scripting Objects for the Web"
  • Master project "The Reflective Programmer"

WS 2010/2011:

  • Lecture "Softwarearchitektur"
  • Schülerakademie "Etoys Workshop"
  • Bachelor project "Scripting Objects for the Web"

SomS 2010:

  • Lecture "Softwaretechnik I"
  • Seminar "Agile Software Development"
  • Lecture "IT-Unternehmensarchitektur"
  • Schülerakademie "Etoys Workshop"

WS 2009/2010:

  • Lecture "Softwarearchitektur"
  • Schülerakademie "Etoys Workshop"
  • Bachelorproject "Digital Pub Life"

SomS 2009:

  • Lecture "Softwaretechnik I"
  • Schülerakademie "Etoys Workshop"
  • Bachelorproject "Digital Pub Life"

WS 2008/2009:

  • Lecture "Softwarearchitektur"