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2013 [ nach oben ]

  • Activity-centric and Artifact-centric Process Model Roundtrip. Meyer, Andreas; Weske, Mathias (2013).
  • 3D Cache Hierarchy Optimization. Leonid Yavits, Amir Morad; Ginosar, Ran (2013).
  • Extracting Data Objects and their States from Process Models. Meyer, Andreas; Weske, Mathias (2013). 27--36.
  • An Event Processing Platform for Business Process Management. Herzberg, Nico; Meyer, Andreas; Weske, Mathias (2013). 107--116.
  • Deriving Business Process Data Architectures from Process Model Collections. Eid-Sabbagh, Rami-Habib; Hewelt, Marcin; Meyer, Andreas; Weske, Mathias (2013).
  • Cache Hierarchy Optimization. Leonid Yavits, Amir Morad; Ginosar, Ran in IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (2013).
  • Modeling and Enacting Complex Data Dependencies in Business Processes. Technical Report (74), Meyer, Andreas; Pufahl, Luise; Fahland, Dirk; Weske, Mathias (2013).
  • Modeling and Enacting Complex Data Dependencies in Business Processes. Meyer, Andreas; Pufahl, Luise; Fahland, Dirk; Weske, Mathias (2013). 171--186.
  • Monitoring of Business Processes with Complex Event Processing. Bülow, Susanne; Backmann, Michael; Herzberg, Nico; Hille, Thomas; Meyer, Andreas; Ulm, Benjamin; Wong, Tsun Yin; Weske, Mathias (2013).
  • Deciding Data Object Relevance for Business Process Model Abstraction. Harzmann, Josefine; Meyer, Andreas; Weske, Mathias (2013).
  • Enacting Complex Data Dependencies from Activity-Centric Business Process Models. Meyer, Andreas; Pufahl, Luise; Fahland, Dirk; Weske, Mathias (2013). 11--15.
  • Improving Business Process Intelligence with Object State Transition Events. Herzberg, Nico; Meyer, Andreas; Khovalko, Oleh; Weske, Mathias (2013).
  • Improving Process Monitoring and Progress Prediction with Data State Transition Events. Herzberg, Nico; Meyer, Andreas; Weske, Mathias (2013). 20--23.

2012 [ nach oben ]

  • Weak Conformance of Process Models with respect to Data Objects. Meyer, Andreas; Polyvyanyy, Artem; Weske, Mathias (2012). 74--80.
  • Orca: A Single-language Web Framework for Collaborative Development. Thamsen, Lauritz; Gulenko, Anton; Perscheid, Michael; Krahn, Robert; Hirschfeld, Robert; Thomas, David A. (2012).
  • Data Support in Process Model Abstraction. Meyer, Andreas; Weske, Mathias (2012). 292--306.
  • Test Quality Feedback - Improving Effectivity and Efficiency of Unit Testing. Perscheid, Michael; Cassou, Damien; Hirschfeld, Robert (2012).
  • A Platform for Research on Process Model Collections. Eid-Sabbagh, Rami-Habib; Kunze, Matthias; Meyer, Andreas; Weske, Mathias (2012). 8--22.
  • The VIVIDE Programming Environment: Connecting Run-time Information With Programmers' System Knowledge. Taeumel, Marcel; Steinert, Bastian; Hirschfeld, Robert (2012). 117--126.
  • Test-Driven Fault Navigation for Debugging Reproducible Failures. Perscheid, Michael; Haupt, Michael; Hirschfeld, Robert; Masuhara, Hidehiko in Journal of the Japan Society for Software Science and Technology (JSSST) on Computer Software (2012). 29(3) 188-211.

2011 [ nach oben ]

  • Type Harvesting A Practical Approach to Obtaining Typing Information in Dynamic Programming Languages. Haupt, Michael; Perscheid, Michael; Hirschfeld, Robert (2011).
  • Test-Driven Fault Navigation for Debugging Reproducible Failures. Perscheid, Michael; Haupt, Michael; Hirschfeld, Robert; Masuhara, Hidehiko (2011).
  • Dynamic Service Analysis: Test-Driven Views for Enhancing Software Maintenance. Perscheid, Michael (2011).
  • Data in Business Processes. Meyer, Andreas; Smirnov, Sergey; Weske, Mathias in EMISA Forum (2011). 31(3) 5--31.
  • Explicit Use-case Representation in Object-oriented Programming Languages. Hirschfeld, Robert; Perscheid, Michael; Haupt, Michael (2011).
  • An Open Implementation for Context-oriented Layer Composition in ContextJS. Lincke, Jens; Appeltauer, Malte; Steinert, Bastian; Hirschfeld, Robert in Science of Computer Programming (2011). In Press, Corrected Proof
  • Data in Business Processes. Technical Report (50), Meyer, Andreas; Smirnov, Sergey; Weske, Mathias (2011).

2010 [ nach oben ]

  • Combining Synchronous and Asynchronous Collaboration within 3D City Models. Klimke, Jan; Döllner, Jürgen in LNCS, S. Fabrikant, Reichenbacher, T., van Kreveld, M., Schlieder, C. (reds.) (2010).
  • Dynamic Service Analysis. Perscheid, Michael (2010). 204--205.
  • Syncro - Concurrent Editing Library for Google Wave. Goderbauer, Michael; Goetz, Markus; Grosskopf, Alexander; Meyer, Andreas; Weske, Mathias (2010). 510--513.
  • ContextLua - Dynamic Behavioral Variations in Computer Games. Wasty, Benjamin Hosain; Semmo, Amir; Appeltauer, Malte; Steinert, Basitan; Hirschfeld, Robert (2010).
  • PhidgetLab - Crossing the Border from Virtual to Real-World Objects. Haupt, Michael; Perscheid, Michael; Hirschfeld, Robert; Kessler, Lysann; Klingbeil, Thomas; Platz, Stephanie; Schlegel, Frank; Tessenow, Philipp (2010).
  • Layered Method Dispatch using INVOKEDYNAMIC. Malte Appeltauer, Michael Haupt; Hirschfeld, Robert (2010).
  • ContextJ - Context-oriented Programming for Java. Appeltauer, Malte; Hirschfeld, Robert; Haupt, Michael; Masuhara, Hidehiko in Computer Software of The Japan Society for Software Science and Technology (2010).
  • Immediacy through Interactivity: Online Analysis of Run-time Behavior. Perscheid, Michael; Steinert, Bastian; Hirschfeld, Robert; Geller, Felix; Haupt, Michael (2010). 77--86.
  • Event-based Software Composition in Context-oriented Programming. Appeltauer, Malte; Hirschfeld, Robert; Masuhara, Hidehiko; Haupt, Michael; Kawauchi, Kazunori in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (2010).
  • Geospatial Annotations for 3D Environments and their WFS-based Implementation. Klimke, Jan; Döllner, Jürgen in Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography, M. Painho, Santos, M. Y., Pundt, H. (reds.) (2010). 379-397.
  • Context-oriented Service Computing. Appeltauer, Malte (2010). 192.

2009 [ nach oben ]

  • Improving the Development of Context-dependent Java Applications with ContextJ. Malte Appeltauer, Robert Hirschfeld; Masuhara, Hidehiko (2009).
  • Context-oriented Service Computing. Appeltauer, Malte (2009).

2008 [ nach oben ]

  • Dedicated Programming Support for Context-aware Ubiquitous Applications. Appeltauer, Malte; Hirschfeld, Robert; Rho, Tobias (2008).
  • Modeling of Correct Self-Adaptive Systems: A Graph Transformation System Based Approach. Becker, Basil; Giese, Holger (2008).
  • Quantified Trust Levels for Authentication. Thomas, Ivonne; Menzel, Michael; Meinel, Christoph (2008).
  • Fujaba's Future in the MDA Jungle - Fully Integrating Fujaba and the Eclipse Modeling Framework? Becker, Basil; Giese, Holger; Hildebrandt, Stephan; Seibel, Andreas (2008).
  • Comparison of Simulation and Performance Modeling - A Case Study. Seelig, Marcel; Kluth, Stephan; Porzucek, Tomasz; Copaciu, Flavius; Naumann, Nico; Kühn, Steffen D. W. Bustard, Sterritt, R. (reds.) (2008). 49--56.
  • Towards Concrete Syntax Patterns for logic-based Transformation Rules. Appeltauer, Malte; Kniesel, Günter in Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (2008). 219 113-132.
  • An Introduction to Seaside Perscheid, Michael; Tibbe, David; Beck, Martin; Berger, Stefan; Osburg, Peter; Eastman, Jeff; Haupt, Michael; Hirschfeld, Robert (2008). 210. Software Architecture Group (Hasso-Plattner-Institut).
  • Using quantified trust levels to describe authentication requirements in federated identity management. Thomas, Ivonne; Menzel, Michael; Meinel, Christoph (2008). 71--80.
  • Operating System Support for Reliable Service Computing. Schmidt, Alexander; Schöbel, Michael; Polze, Andreas (2008). (Vol. 2)
  • SOA Governance using Tagging. Meyer, Harald; Laures, Guido (2008).
  • On Safe Service-Oriented Real-Time Coordination for Autonomous Vehicles. Becker, Basil; Giese, Holger (2008). 203--210.
  • Hierarchical Modeling of the Axis2 Web Services Framework with FMC-QE. Copaciu, Flavius; Kluth, Stephan; Porzucek, Tomasz; Zorn, Werner (2008). 74--81.
  • Context-oriented Service Development. Appeltauer, Malte (2008).
  • Quantitative Modeling and Analysis of Service-Based Systems. Kluth, Stephan in Trustworthy Software Systems, M. Diehl, Lipskoch, H., Meyer, R., Storm, C. (reds.) (2008). 96.
  • Quantitative Modellierung des Leistungsverhaltens SOA-basierter Systeme mit FMC-QE. Kluth, Stephan in Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), T. Kühne, Reisig, W., Steimann, F. (reds.) (2008). (Vol. P-127) 229--232.
  • Chapters: Ontologies and Matchmaking, Service Composition and Binding, Application and Outlook. et al., Harald Meyer in Semantic Service Provisioning, D. Kuropka, Tröger, P., Staab, S., Weske, M. (reds.) (2008).
  • Incremental Verification of Inductive Invariants for the Run-Time Evolution of Self-Adaptive Software-Intensive Systems. Becker, Basil; Giese, Holger (2008).
  • Explicit Language and Infrastructure Support for Context-aware Services. Appeltauer, Malte; Hirschfeld, Robert in Lecture Notes in Informatics, H. -G. Hegering, Lehmann, A., Ohlbach, H. J., Scheideler, C. (reds.) (2008). (Vol. INFORMATIK 2008 - Beherrschbare Systeme dank Informatik) 164-170.
  • Sketch-Based Navigation in 3D Virtual Environments. Hagedorn, Benjamin; Döllner, Jürgen (2008).
  • Dynamic Languages and Applications -- Report on the Workshop Dyla?07 at ECOOP 2007 Bergel, Alexandre; Meuter, Wolfgang De; Ducasse, Stephane; Nierstrasz, Oscar; Wuyts, Roel (M. Cebulla, red.) (2008). (Vol. 4906) 7--12.
  • Kernel-mode Scheduling Server for CPU Partitioning: a Case Study using the Windows Research Kernel. Schöbel, Michael; Polze, Andreas (2008). (Vol. 3) 1700--1704.

2007 [ nach oben ]

  • Performance of Hybrid WSML Service Matching with WSMO-MX: Preliminary Results. Kaufer, Frank; Klusch, Matthias in CEUR Workshop Proceedings, T. D. Noia, Lara, R., Polleres, A., Toma, I., Kawamura, T., Klusch, M., Bernstein, A., Paolucci, M., Leger, A., Martin, D. L. (reds.) (2007). (Vol. 243)
  • Quantitative Modeling and Analysis of Service-oriented Architectures. Kluth, Stephan (2007). (Vol. 1) 198.
  • ASG - Techniques of Adaptivity. Meyer, Harald; Kuropka, Dominik; Tröger, Peter (2007).
  • Calculating the Semantic Conformance of Processes. Meyer, Harald (2007).
  • Welten verbinden - Virtuelle 3D-Stadtmodelle im OGC-Projekt OWS-4. Döllner, Jürgen; Hagedorn, Benjamin in GIS Business - Geoinformationstechnologie für die Praxis (2007). (9) 14--17.
  • On the Semantics of Service Compositions. Meyer, Harald (2007).
  • Code Analysis for Refactoring by Source Code Patterns and Logical Queries. Speicher, Daniel; Appeltauer, Malte; Kniesel, Günter D. Dig, Cebulla, M. (reds.) (2007). (Vol. Technical Report No 2007-8)
  • High-Level Web Service for 3D Building Information Visualization and Analysis. Hagedorn, Benjamin; Döllner, Jürgen (2007).
  • Integrating Urban GIS, CAD, and BIM Data By Service-Based Virtual 3D City-Models. Döllner, Jürgen; Hagedorn, Benjamin (2007).
  • Chaining Geoinformation Services for the Visualization and Annotation of 3D Geovirtual Environments. Hagedorn, Benjamin; Maass, Stefan; Döllner, Jürgen (2007).
  • Tours and Traps---Complex Software, with Simple Tools, in Time. Hirschfeld, Robert; Haupt, Michael; Osburg, Peter; Perscheid, Michael; Beck, Martin; Berger, Stefan; Gabrysiak, Gregor; Kowark, Thomas; Letz, Dominic; Tibbe, David; Wagner, Matthias (2007).
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  • Integration von GIS-, CAD- und BIM-Daten mit dienstbasierten virtuellen 3D-Stadtmodellen. Döllner, Jürgen; Hagedorn, Benjamin in GIS - Zeitschrift für Geoinformatik (2007). (11) 28--37.
  • A Formal Model for Mixed Initiative Service Composition. Schaffner, Jan; Meyer, Harald; Weske, Mathias (2007). 443-450.
  • Dynamic Provisioning and Monitoring of Stateful Services. Tröger, Peter; Meyer, Harald; Melzer, Ingo; Flehmig, Markus (2007). 434-438.

2006 [ nach oben ]

  • Search Strategies for Automatic Web Service Composition. Milanovic, Nikola; Malek, Miroslaw in International Journal of Web Services Research (2006). 3(2) 1--32.
  • Evaluation von Open Source Produkten zur Ausführung Web Service-basierter Geschäftsprozesse. Laures, Guido; Meyer, Harald; Hahmann, Torsten; Möller, Jan; Sommer, Philipp (2006).
  • Automated Service Composition using Heuristic Search. Meyer, Harald; Weske, Mathias in Lecture Notes In Computer Science (2006). (Vol. 4102) 81-96.
  • Mixed Initiative Use Cases for Semi-Automated Service Composition: A Survey. Schaffner, Jan; Meyer, Harald (2006). 6--12.
  • Light-Weight Semantic Service Annotations through Tagging. Meyer, Harald; Weske, Mathias in Lecture Notes In Computer Science (2006). (Vol. 4294) 465--470.
  • Symbolic invariant verification for systems with dynamic structural adaptation. Becker, Basil; Beier, Dirk; Giese, Holger; Klein, Florian; Schilling, Daniela L. J. Osterweil, Rombach, H. D., Soffa, M. L. (reds.) (2006). 72-81.
  • A Semi-automated Orchestration Tool for Service-based Business Processes. Schaffner, Jan; Meyer, Harald; Tosun, Cafer (2006). 54-65.
  • Fine-grained Generic Aspects. Rho, Tobias; Kniesel, Günter; Appeltauer, Malte G. Leavens, Clifton, C., Lämmel, R., Mezini, M. (reds.) (2006).
  • Fundamentals of Service-Oriented Engineering Hüttenrauch, Stefan; Kylau, Uwe; Grund, Martin; Queck, Tobias; Ploskonos, Anna; Schreiter, Torben; Breest, Martin; Haubrock, Sören; Bouché, Paul (A. Polze; Milanovic, N.; Schöbel, M., reds.) (2006). (Vol. 16)
  • Service Engineering Design Patterns. Milanovic, Nikola (2006). 19--26.
  • Operating System Abstractions for Service-Based Systems. Schöbel, Michael (2006).
  • Requirements for Automated Service Composition. Meyer, Harald; Kuropka, Dominik in Lecture Notes In Computer Science (2006). (Vol. 4103) 439-450.
  • WSMO-MX: A Logic Programming Based Hybrid Service Matchmaker. Kaufer, Frank; Klusch, Matthias (2006). 161-170.

2005 [ nach oben ]

  • Analysis and Modeling of the ERP-System Sage Office Line. Kluth, Stephan (2005).
  • Plaengine: A System for Automated Service Composition and Process Enactment. Meyer, Harald; Overdick, Hagen; Weske, Mathias (2005). 3-12.
  • Towards the Adaptive Semantic Services Enterprise. Meyer, Harald (2005). 3--12.
  • Requirements for Service Composition. Technical Report (11), Meyer, Harald; Kuropka, Dominik (2005).
  • Semantic Web Services. Meyer, Harald in OBJEKTspektrum - Online issue on service-oriented architectures (2005). (4)
  • Survey on Service Composition. Technical Report (10), Kuropka, Dominik; Meyer, Harald (2005).
  • An Engineering Method for Semantic Service Applications. Laures, Guido; Meyer, Harald; Breest, Martin in IBM Research Report (2005). (Vol. RC23819) 79-87.
  • Dynamic Failure Recovery of Generated Workflows. Gajewski, M.; Meyer, Harald; Momotko, Mariusz; Schuschel, Hilmar; Weske, Mathias (2005). 982-986.
  • Positioning paper of the BPT work group - Requirements on Ontologies for Web Services for Automated Service Composition. Kuropka, Dominik; Meyer, Harald; Weske, Mathias (2005).

2003 [ nach oben ]

  • Ein experimenteller Vergleich objekt-orientierter und funktionaler Analysetechniken. Technical Report (6), Meyer, Harald; Kulisch, Marian (2003).