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Welten verbinden - Virtuelle 3D-Stadtmodelle im OGC-Projekt OWS-4

Döllner, Jürgen and Hagedorn, Benjamin
GIS Business - Geoinformationstechnologie für die Praxis, (9):14–17 2007

Integration von GIS-, CAD- und BIM-Daten mit dienstbasierten virtuellen 3D-Stadtmodellen

Döllner, Jürgen and Hagedorn, Benjamin
GIS - Zeitschrift für Geoinformatik, (11):28–37 2007

Quantitative Modeling and Analysis of Service-oriented Architectures

Stephan Kluth
In Dagstuhl zehn plus eins, volume 1 pages 198, Aachen, Germany, 6 2007 Verlagshaus Mainz GmbH.

Code Analysis for Refactoring by Source Code Patterns and Logical Queries

Daniel Speicher and Malte Appeltauer and Günter Kniesel
In Danny Dig, Michael Cebulla, ed., Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Refactoring Tools held in conjunction with 21st European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP 2007), volume Technical Report No 2007-8 2007 Technische Universit\"at Berlin, Fakult\"at IV - Elektrotechnik und Informatik.

Analyzing System Behavior: How the Operating System Can Help

Alexander Schmidt and Michael Schöbel
In Proceedings of INFORMATIK 2007, LNI Nr. 110, Band 2, 2007

Performance of Hybrid WSML Service Matching with WSMO-MX: Preliminary Results

Frank Kaufer and Matthias Klusch
In Tommaso Di Noia and Rub\'en Lara and Axel Polleres and Ioan Toma and Takahiro Kawamura and Matthias Klusch and Abraham Bernstein and Massimo Paolucci and Alain Leger and David L. Martin, ed., Proceedings of the SMR2 2007 Workshop on Service Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval in the Semantic Web (SMRR 2007) co-located with ISWC 2007 + ASWC 2007, Busan, South Korea, November 11, 2007, volume 243 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2007 CEUR-WS.org.

Dynamic Provisioning and Monitoring of Stateful Services

Peter Tröger and Harald Meyer and Ingo Melzer and Markus Flehmig
In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technology (WEBIST 2007), pages 434-438, Setúbal, Portugal, 2007 INSTICC.

Calculating the Semantic Conformance of Processes

Harald Meyer
In Proceedings of the Advances in Semantics for Web services 2007 Workshop (semantics4ws), 2007

A Formal Model for Mixed Initiative Service Composition

Jan Schaffner and Harald Meyer and Mathias Weske
In Proceedings of The IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2007), pages 443-450, 2007

On the Semantics of Service Compositions

Harald Meyer
In Proceedings of The First International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR 2007), 2007

ASG - Techniques of Adaptivity

Harald Meyer and Dominik Kuropka and Peter Tröger
In Proceedings of the Dagstuhl Seminar on Autonomous and Adaptive Web Services, 2007

Chaining Geoinformation Services for the Visualization and Annotation of 3D Geovirtual Environments

Hagedorn, Benjamin and Maass, Stefan and Döllner, Jürgen
In 4th International Symposium on LBS and Telecartography, 2007

High-Level Web Service for 3D Building Information Visualization and Analysis

Hagedorn, Benjamin and Döllner, Jürgen
In ACM 15th International Symposium on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM GIS), Seattle, WA, 2007

Integrating Urban GIS, CAD, and BIM Data By Service-Based Virtual 3D City-Models

Döllner, Jürgen and Hagedorn, Benjamin
In 26th Urban Data Management Symposium, Stuttgart, Germany, 2007

Tours and Traps–-Complex Software, with Simple Tools, in Time

Robert Hirschfeld and Michael Haupt and Peter Osburg and Michael Perscheid and Martin Beck and Stefan Berger and Gregor Gabrysiak and Thomas Kowark and Dominic Letz and David Tibbe and Matthias Wagner
2007 Demonstration at ECOOP 2007, Berlin,
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