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Publications of Martin Schirneck

The following listing contains all publications of Martin Schirneck. Further publications of the research group can be found on the current list of publications and the complete list of publications. Individual listings are available externally on DBLP and Google Scholar or locally as PDF.

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  • KoetzingSchirneckSeidel-2017-NormalFormsInSemanticLanguageLearning.pdf
    Kötzing, Timo; Schirneck, Martin; Seidel, Karen Normal Forms in Semantic Language Identification. International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT) 2017: 493-516
  • p45-friedrich_foga17.pdf
    Friedrich, Tobias; Kötzing, Timo; Lagodzinski, J. A. Gregor; Neumann, Frank; Schirneck, Martin Analysis of the (1+1) EA on Subclasses of Linear Functions under Uniform and Linear Constraints. Foundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA) 2017: 45-54
  • p1359-doerr_proc.pdf
    Doerr, Benjamin; Fischbeck, Philipp; Frahnow, Clemens; Friedrich, Tobias; Kötzing, Timo; Schirneck, Martin Island Models Meet Rumor Spreading. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2017: 1359-1366
  • p1407-shi_proc.pdf
    Shi, Feng; Schirneck, Martin; Friedrich, Tobias; Kötzing, Timo; Neumann, Frank Reoptimization Times of Evolutionary Algorithms on Linear Functions Under Dynamic Uniform Constraints. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2017: 1407-1414

2016 [ to top ]

  • FastBuildingBlockAssemblyByMajorityVoteCrossover.pdf
    Friedrich, Tobias; Kötzing, Timo; Krejca, Martin S.; Nallaperuma, Samadhi; Neumann, Frank; Schirneck, Martin Fast Building Block Assembly by Majority Vote Crossover. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2016: 661-668
  • Bläsius_et_al_Parameterized_Complexity_of_Dependency_Detection.pdf
    Bläsius, Thomas; Friedrich, Tobias; Schirneck, Martin The Parameterized Complexity of Dependency Detection in Relational Databases. International Symposium on Parameterized and Exact Computation (IPEC) 2016: 6:1-6:13
  • Kötzing_Schirneck_Towards_an_Atlas_of_Computational_Learning.pdf
    Kötzing, Timo; Schirneck, Martin Towards an Atlas of Computational Learning Theory. Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS) 2016: 47:1-47:13


  • SchirneckThesis2015.pdf
    Schirneck, Martin On Restrictions in Computational Language Learning. 2015
    Dean's prize for best thesis (Examenspreis des Dekans).
  • BetrachtungenUebereinDistanzbasiertesKlassifikationsverfahren.pdf
    Schirneck, Martin Betrachtungen über ein distanzbasiertes Klassifikationsverfahren. 2012