Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

The Publishing Traveling Thief Problem

MSc Seminar - Winter 2019/20


In this seminar, participants will learn the methods of writing a scientific publication. This publication will be developed in collaboration with us and will be on the topic of the Traveling Thief Problem.


All participants must have taken the course Heuristische Optimierung that we offered in Summer 2019.

Structure of the seminar

We will meet for the first time on Tuesday, 15th October, 13:30 in H-E.52.

There will be a second meeting on Tuesday, 22nd October, 13:30 in H-E.52.

During these meetings, we will decide on the later meeting dates for the seminar, which might differ from that Tuesday slot.

The final grade will consist of both the project paper (making up two thirds of the grade) as well as a final presentation (making up one third of the grade).