Modeling Reconfigurable Mechatronic Systems with Mechatronic UML (bibtex)
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Due to the safety-critical character of mechatronic systems the engineers have to face the following serious problems: The models which are used in design must enable to specify real-time behavior on basis of a semantics that allows an automatic synthesis of code which respects the specified real-time requirements. Further, mechatronic systems usually embed continuous behavior in form of feedback-controllers which leads to hybrid systems. A new field of research deals with the support of dynamic exchange of feedback controllers (reconfiguration) during design. Models have to support a complex, distributed system structure. The systems real-time behavior must be verifiable in spite of the complex structure and the embedded continuous control elements. In this paper we will present our approach which fulfills all these requirements considering an example taken from the RailCab research project.
Modeling Reconfigurable Mechatronic Systems with Mechatronic UML (Sven Burmester, Matthias Tichy, Holger Giese), In Proc. of Model Driven Architecture: Foundations and Applications (MDAFA 2004), Linköping, Sweden (U. Aßmann, ed.), 2004.
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