Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

Christian Medeiros Adriano (Chris)

Telefon: +49 331 5509 0319

E-Mail: christian.adriano@hpi.de

Raum:  A-2.7

Linked-in: link 


>2018.06.15 | Talk: "Learning Utility-changes for Rule-based Adaptation of Dynamic Architectures - Current and Future work". (with Sona Ghahremani). Location:  Analysis & Modelling Group Seminar.
>2018.03.09 | Talk: "Can a crowd identify the cause of a software failure and suggest valid bug fixes?" LocationUniversity of Cape Town
>2017.11.03 | Talk: "Human in the loop mechanisms for self-adaptive exploration".  Location: Neuruppin - Germany, Research School Retreat
>2017.05.18 | Travel: Buenos Aires, Argentina, ICSE Conference.

Research interests

  • Theory: Decision Theory, Voting Theory, Utility Theory
  • Probabilistic Modeling: Graph-based Models, Bayesian and Markov Models, Causal Models, Statistical Relational Learning
  • Applications: Crowdsourcing, Bug Fixing, Software Fault Localization, Project Management
  • Tools: R, Bugs, TensorFlow

A recurrent theme in my research is how to predict tasks and to explain the alternatives predicted by a model.


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