Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

Laufende Doktorarbeiten am Fachgebiet

  • Johannes Dyck: Graph Transformation Systems and Invariant Checking with k-Inductive Invariants
  • Sona Ghahremani: Utility-Driven Architecture-Based Self-Adaptive Systems
  • Thomas Brand: Generic Adaptive Monitoring with Architectural Runtime Models
  • Joachim Hänsel: Testing for Self-Adaptive Software Systems
  • Lucas Sakizloglou: Efficient Graph-Based Runtime Monitoring for Large Systems
  • Matthias Barkowsky: Modular and Incremental Global Model Management
  • He Xu: Runtime Verification and Validation of Self-Adaptive Systems
  • Christian Adriano: Human-In-The-Loop Mechanism for Locating and Fixing Software Failures
  • Christian Zöllner: Modeling and Simulation of Collaborations

Abgeschlossene Doktorarbeiten am Fachgebiet