Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

SecureChangeWS 2011

International Workshop on Security Engineering for Lifelong Evolvable Systems, Madrid, Spain, February 8 or 11, 2011


Software-based systems are becoming increasingly long-living. At the same time, software-based systems are getting extremely security-critical since software now pervades the whole critical infrastructures dealing with users and organizational data. There is therefore a growing demand for more assurance and security properties verification of long living systems both during development and at deployment time. Yet long lived systems also need to be flexible, to adapt to changes and adjust to evolving requirements, usage and attack models. However, using today’s system engineering techniques we are forced to trade flexibility for assurance or vice versa.

The objective is thus to develop techniques and tools that ensure "lifelong" compliance to evolving security, privacy and dependability requirements for a long-running evolving software system. Achieving this objective is challenging because security requirements are not necessarily preserved by system evolution.

We seek for novel software engineering techniques and approaches for secure and evolvable systems. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)

  • Requirements engineering techniques for secure and evolvable systems
  • Model-driven security requirements specification for evolving business processes
  • Software engineering processes for secure and evolvable systems
  • Software architectures for secure and evolvable systems
  • Modeling techniques for secure and evolvable systems
  • Generic models and transformations of change
  • Risk assessment techniques for secure and evolvable systems
  • Access control models and mechanisms for evolving systems
  • Design-time and on-device verification techniques to provide guaranteed level of assurance upon change
  • Model-driven testing techniques for secure and evolvable systems

Important Dates:

Workshop date: February 08th or February 11th 2011 (full day)
Abstract deadline: November 15th 2010
Submission deadline: November 19th 2010
Notification deadline: December 17th 2010
Final paper deadline: February 25th 2011