Prof. Dr. Holger Giese


Vortrag von Holger Giese auf dem zweiten Workshop über Quality Assurance for Self-Adaptive, Self-Organising Systems

Auf Einladung hält Holger Giese einen Vortrag auf dem Workshop Quality Assurance for Self-Adaptive, Self-Organising Systems in Cambridge, MA, USA am 21. September 2015. Thema des Vortrags ist "What means better for Engineering Self-Adaptive Software?" 

Zusammenfassuung des Vortrags: 

Self-adaptive software is a very promising direction to enable software systems to manage themselves in order to perform better and with less operation costs than traditional software systems. However, when it comes to engineering software systems we require clear criteria when a self-adaptive software system is somehow better than its none self-adaptive counterpart. In this invited talk we will therefore first review what better may mean in different cases, but also will discuss where additional risks inherent to self-adaptive software may result in additional problems concerning the quality such that overall a loss in quality may result. Finally, we will present a first overall concept to compare systems and their quality suitable for systematically engineering self-adaptive software systems.