Prof. Dr. Holger Giese


Vortrag von Prof. Holger Giese auf dem ArchiPL-Workshop 2009

Prof. Holger Giese hielt auf dem Workshop "Architectural Concepts and Programming Languages" (08-10 November 2009, München) einen Vortrag zum Thema "Architectural Models at Runtime".


The model-driven engineering community has developed techniques for defining complex models employing meta models as well as expressive model transformation techniques based on meta models. Thus, it is attractive to also apply these techniques for autonomic and self-adaptive systems where the architectures should be monitored and adapted at runtime without resulting in too high development efforts. The architecture as well as required transformations must be represented at runtime using special solutions for the meta models and model transformations, as they are applied at runtime in performance critical systems instead of their traditional usage at development time in case tools.

The presented approach eases the development of architectural monitoring
based on meta models and the incremental model synchronization with triple graph grammars. We demonstrate that the meta model based approach provides a better high level interface to the runtime architecture than usual APIs and that the employed incremental synchronization between a running system and models for different self-management capabilities provides a significantly better compromise between performance and development costs than manually developed solutions.

The experiments we did so far indicate that there is still much room for improvement when it comes to the representation of the architecture. In case of the considered EJB server it became apparent that better support for an efficient monitoring API at the server side would allow to further minimize the overhead significantly.


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