Implementation of Data Security Requirements in a Web-Based Application for Interactive Medical Documentation

Perlich, Anja; Sapegin, Andrey; Meinel, Christoph in Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Informatics (HealthInf 2015) 2015 .

Keeping data confidential is a deeply rooted requirement in medical documentation. However, there are increasing calls for patient transparency in medical record documentation. With Tele-Board MED, an interactive system for joint documentation of doctor and patient is developed. This web-based application designed for digital whiteboards will be tested in treatment sessions with psychotherapy patients and therapists. In order to ensure the security of patient data, security measures were implemented and they are illustrated in this paper. We followed the major information security objectives: confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability. Next to technical aspects, such as data encryption, access restriction through firewall and password, and measures for remote maintenance, we address issues at organizational and infrastructural levels as well (e.g., patients’ access to notes). With this paper we want to increase the awareness of information security, and promote a security conception from the beginning of health software research projects. The measures described in this paper can serve as an example for other health software applications dealing with sensitive patient data, from early user testing phases on.
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