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Martin Malchow

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Teaching - IT Systems Engineering


Improving Collaborative Learning With Video Lectures

Bauer, Matthias; Malchow, Martin; Staubitz, Thomas; Meinel, Christoph in INTED2016 Proceedings. 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference Valencia, Spain. 7-9 March, 2016. Seite 5511-5517 . IATED , 2016 .

We have addressed the problems of independent e-lecture learning with an approach involving collaborative learning with lecture recordings. In order to make this type of learning possible, we have prototypically enhanced the video player of a lecture video platform with functionality that allows simultaneous viewing of a lecture on two or more computers. While watching the video, synchronization of the playback and every click event, such as play, pause, seek, and playback speed adjustment can be carried out. We have also added the option of annotating slides. With this approach, it is possible for learners to watch a lecture together, even though they are in different places. In this way, the benefits of collaborative learning can also be used when learning online. Now, it is more likely that learners stay focused on the lecture for a longer time (as the collaboration creates an additional obligation not to leave early and desert a friend). Furthermore, the learning outcome is higher because learners can ask their friends questions and explain things to each other as well as mark important points in the lecture video.
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