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Pre-Course Key Segment Analysis of Online Lecture Videos

Che, Xiaoyin; Staubitz, Thomas; Yang, Haojin; Meinel, Christoph in Proceedings of The 16th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technology (ICALT2016) Austin, Texas, USA , 2016 .

In this paper we propose a method to evaluate the importance of lecture video segments in online courses. The video will be first segmented based on the slide transition. Then we evaluate the importance of each segment based on our analysis of the teacher’s focus. This focus is mainly identified by exploring features in the slide and the speech. Since the whole analysis process is based on multimedia materials, it could be done before the official start of the course. By setting survey questions and collecting forum statistics in the MOOC “Web Technologies”, the proposed method is evaluated. Both the general trend and the high accuracy of selected key segments (over 70%) prove the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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