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Current Master Thesis Students

... supervised by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel and his team

  • Sebastian Serth: Individual Worksheets with Interactive Programming Exercises within the Schul-Cloud
  • Volker Schiewe: Identity Recovery in Decentralised Systems
  • Daniel Dummer: Supporting Teachers Planning a Curriculum by Recommending Valuable Contents
  • Tim Friedrich: Distribution of Large Data in Networks with Limited Bandwidth
  • Max Klenk: Enabling Data Driven Decisions in Educational Learning Environments
  • Julian Niedermeier: Manifold Learning for the Evaluation of Generative Models
  • Markus Dücker: Augmenting Ideation Processes in Digital Whiteboards Through Crowdsourced Contributions
  • Theresa Zobel: Dialogue-based Assistant Systems in the Contect of E-Learning Applications

Master Projekt Students

... supervised by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel and his team

  • 2019: Cyber Threat Hunting Detection via Data Science and Engineering
  • 2018/2019: Self-Sovereign Identity
  • 2018: Tackling Global Distribution Issues for Locally Hosted Learning Platform
  • 2017/2018:
    • Nature Language Generation Using Generative Adversarial Networks
    • Behavioral Authentication
  • 2017: Videoplayer Framework
  • 2015/2016: Konzeptionierung eines modularen Krankenhausinformationssystems
  • 2015: Video Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks
  • 2014/2015: Machine Learning for Security Analytics
  • 2014: Konzeption und Implementierung eines WebRTC-basierter MediaServer
  • 2013/2014: Semantic Exploration of the tele-TASK Archive
  • 2013: Gamification for openHPI (N. Fricke, R. Meissner, S. Meyer, K. Rollmann, S. Voelcker, S. Woinar)
  • 2012/13: Cybersecurity for the Masses (A. Kunz, C. Müller, F. Westphal, J. Streek, M. Gawron, M. Grauer, T. Klingbeil)
  • 2012: HPI Private Cloud (T. Schulz, M. Freitag, N. Höfler, C. Ress)
  • 2011/12: Development of a Web Service Probing Tool (E. Gircys, M. Götz, R. Meusel, D. Moritz)
  • 2011: The Blog-Intelligence Framework (P. Hennig, P. Berger, P. Schilf)
  • 2011: IDS@FutureSoC (M. Kreichgauer, M. Frister, F. Thomas)

Bachelor Project Students

... supervised by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel and his team

HiWis - Student Co-workers

... involved in ongoing research projects of the chair of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel

  • Bornstein, Marvin (openHPI)
  • Jasper, Johannes (openHPI)
  • Kliem, Sebastian (openHPI)
  • Petrick Dominic (openHPI)
  • Streek, Jannik (openHPI)
  • Swart, Malte (openHPI)
  • Voigt, Sebastian (tele-TASK)
  • Bartz, Christian (tele-TAK)
  • Wiradarma, Timur (Semantic Web)
  • Berov, Leonid
  • Dittmann, Margrit
  • Gerlitz, Charlotte
  • Kohnen, Matthias
  • Korsch, Dimitri
  • Lehmann, Robert
  • Matthies, Christoph
  • Metzke, Tobias
  • Moritz, Florian
  • Moritz, Josephine
  • Retzlaff, Peter
  • Schönberg, Martin
  • Schulze, Alexander
  • Sieber, Adrian
  • Stange, Sebastian
  • Wuttke, Nikolai

Former Diploma / Master Thesis Students

... have written their Master or Diploma Thesis supervised by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel and his team

  • Adrian Loy: Neural Networks with Adaptive Precision Graphs (09.2019)
  • Tobias Wollowski: Classroom optimization of web applications (09.2019)
  • Paul Arndt: Supporting Internal Differentiation and Cooperative Learning with the HPI Schul-Cloud (05.2019)
  • Dominic Sauer: Personalized Learning Objectives in MOOCs (04.2019)
  • Marvin Bornstein: Evaluation of Quantized Deep Neural Networks (03.2019)
  • Torben Meyer: Handwriting Detection/Recognition from Art-Historical Documents (03.2019)
  • Balthasar Martin: Evaluating the Security of Cloud-based Remote Access for the Internet of Things (02.2019)
  • Georg Berecz: A Web-Based Planning Tool for German School Teachers (12.2018)
  • Jonas Keutel: Towards Shared Learning Contents - and how to make teachers want to contribute (12.2018)
  • Michael Janke: Digital Media in the Classroom (12.2018)
  • Sören Oldag: Utilizing Web Analytics in the Context of Learning Analytics (09.2018)
  • Henriette Dinger: Developing User-oriented Improvements on the HPI MOOC Platforms (09.2018)
  • Martin Fritzsche: An Open Source Framework for Binarized and  Quantized Neural Networks (05.2018)
  • Daniel Werner: Key Revocation and Rekeying for the Adaptive Key Establishment Scheme (05.2018)
  • Nicco Kunzmann: Wie können Schüler zur Schul-Cloud beitragen? (05.2018)
  • Felix Wolff: Denial-of-Sleep Resilient Opportunistic Routing in 802.15.4 Networks (01.2018)
  • Johannes Jasper: Authorship Attribution using deep Stylometric Fingerprints (01.2018)
  • Markus Petrykowski: Digital Collaboration with Virtual Reality (01.2018)
  • Malte Swart: Automatic Packaging and Updates of Dependencies for Package-based Continuous Integration (10.2017)
  • Jan Graichen: Application Performance Monitoring on Distributed Web Applications (10.2017)
  • Tom Herold: Language Identification Using Deep Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks (07.2017)
  • Max Bothe: From MOOCs to Micro Learning: Optimizing Mobile Video-based Learning(07.2017)
  • Daniel Stelter-Gliese: Towards a Web Application Firewall Experiment Platform (04.2017)
  • Kirstin Heidler: E-Learning and the Sustainability of a Programming Exercise Sharing Platform in the Context of Open Source MOOCs in School (03.2017)
  • Nils Kenneweg: Updating Encrypted Files on Cross-Cloud Storage (10.2016)
  • Tobias Rohloff: Support Contextual Learning Patterns in Scalable E-Learning Environments (10.2016)
  • Christian Bartz: Scene Text Recognition using Deep Learning (09.2016)
  • Adrian Klinger: 3D-Prototyping in a browser-based Realtime-Collaboration-System (09.2016)
  • Hannes Rantzsch: A Deep Learning Approach to Signature Verification (09.2016)
  • Dimitri Korsch: Perspective recification of scene text with the help of analytical and deep learning approaches (08.2016)
  • Franz Liedke: Migrating a Service-Oriented MOOC Platform to a Component-Based Web Frontend (12.2015)
  • Daniel Hoffmann: Designing and Implementing an Automated Experimentation Framework for Optimizing Learning Outcomes in MOOC Environments (10.2015)
  • Tino Junge: Providing Personalized Learning Experience in MOOCs (09.2015)
  • Jaeyoon Jung: Identifying Author's Attributes (07.2015)
  • Martin Schönberg: CloudRAID: Datenmodell- und Service-Entwurf für einen sicheren und verlässlichen verteilten Datenspeicherdienst in der Cloud (04.2015)
  • Gerardo Navarro-Suarez: Enabling Learning Analytics in a Service-Oriented MOOC Platform (02.2015)
  • Rakesh Kumar Sah: Designing and Implementing Collaborative Groups in openSAP (02.2015)
  • Hauke Klement: A Versatile Platform for Practical Programming Exercises in Massive Open Online Courses (12.2014)
  • Dominic Petrick: Designing and Implementing a Peer Assessment Workflow for a MOOC Platform (12.2014)
  • Jannik Streek: HTML5 Caching Techniques for Ubiquitous Computing (11.2014)
  • Mychajlo Wolowyk: Usage of Linked Open Data in Content-Based Recommender Systems for Real World E-Commerce (11.2014)
  • Patrick Schilf: Developing and Testing of Digital Paper Prototypes in Remote Environments (08.2014)
  • Tobias Pfeiffer: Collaborative Learning in a MOOC Environment (08.2014)
  • Christoph Müller: Security and Scalability of Programming Evaluation Systems in MOOCs (07.2014)
  • Nicolas Fricke: Social E-Assessment at Scale (07.2014)
  • Sebastian Woinar: Social Graph for Gamified MOOCs (05.2014)
  • Thomas Klingbeil: Creating a Framework for Learning Analytics on MOOC Data (05.2014)
  • Peter Retzlaff: Visualisierung von Bag-of-Visual-Words-Vektoren für die Visual Concept Detection (04.2014)
  • Sebastian Stange: Evaluierung einer semantischen Videosuche und Ermittlung geeigneter Videoanalysetechniken (04.2014)
  • Michael Kusber: Group Key Creation and Management for Encrypted File Sharing in the Cloud (01.2014)
  • Konrad-Felix Krentz: 6LoWPAN Security: Adding Compromise Resilience to the 802.15.4 Security Sublayer (11.2013)
  • Marian Gawron: Vulnerability Modeling and Analytics –  HPI-VDB (11.2013)
  • Martin Krügel: Clientseitige Datenzerteilung für Intercloud-Speicher (07.2013)
  • Daniel Moritz: Software-defined Networking in Virtual Computer Laboratories (07.2013)
  • Frederik Leidloff: Sensor Fusion for understanding Design Thinking Teams (05.2013) 
  • Keven Richley: A combined video-conferencing and recording system for Tele-Board (05.2013)
  • Lea Voget: An Association-based Documentation Tool (05.2013)
  • Björn Ruberg: Tools for Collaborative Learning in a Virtual Laboratory (05.2013)
  • Philipp Berger: Ranking Blogs based on Topic Consistency (09.2012)
  • Patrick Hennig: Trend Detection based on the Blogosphere (09.2012)
  • David Jaeger: Monitoring in Scenario-based Security Experiments (08.2012)
  • Stefan Hampel: Using the Kinect for Improving the Tele-Board Remote Setup (08.2012)
  • Peter Ernicke: Normalisierung and Analyse von Log-Events zur Angriffserkennung (04.2012)
  • Stefan Reichel: Embedding Real OSGi Based V2X Applications in a Simulation Environment (05. 2011)
  • Manuel Blechschmidt: An Architecture for Evaluating Recommender Systems in Real World Scenarios (04. 2011)
  • Matthias Wenzel: Handschrifterkennung und Analyse digitaler Whiteboard-Inhalte (04. 2011)
  • Lutz Gericke: Supporting Asynchronous Digital Whiteboard Collaboration by Implementing Navigation through Design Spaces History (03. 2010)
  • Robert Warschofsky: Aggregation and Verification of Web Service Security Requirements (01. 2010)
  • Nico Naumann: Optimistic Synchronization in a Distributed V2X Simulation Infrastructure (06. 2009)
  • David Rieck: Specialized Simulators in a Distributed Vehicle-2-X Simulation Environment (06. 2009) 
  • Martin Wolf: Interoperability in Identity Federation Environments (03. 2009)
  • Uwe Kylau: Trust Patterns in Identity Federation Topologies (03. 2009)
  • Robert Schuppenies: Automatic Extraction of Vulnerability Information for Attack Graphs (03. 2009)
  • Oliver Böckmenn: Design Thinking: Von der Challenge bis zum Software Prototypen (11.2008)
  • Maxim Schnjakin: Modellgetriebene Konfiguration von Sicherheitsmodulen in Service-orientierten Architekturen (11. 2008)
  • Sebastian Roschke: A VM-Compatible IDS Management System for IDS-Deployment in Lock-Keeper (11. 2008)
  • Tobias Queck: Runtime Infrastructure for Simulating Vehicle-2-X Communication Scenarios (07. 2008)
  • Oleksandr Mylyy: Security Framework for Correct and Secure Positioning in V2X Communication Networks (07. 2008)
  • Bastian Schöp: SOA Security - Access Control Models and Frameworks (2007)
  • Ivonne Thomas: Federated Authentication for Web Services (04. 2007)
  • Christian Willems: Eine erweiterte Architektur für den Tele-Lab Server: Entwurf einer generischen Schnittstelle für Virtual Machine Monitors (2006)
  • Michael Menzel: Securing Web Services using Lock-Keeper (09.2006)
  • Christian Liesegang: A Network Security Measurement Framework (08.2006)

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