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Offline-Enabled Web-based E-Learning for Improved User Experience in Africa

Renz, Jan; Shams, Ahmed; Meinel, Christoph in In Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE AFRICON Conference Seite '759-764' . IEEE , 2017 .

Web-based E-Learning uses Internet technologies and digital media to deliver education content to learners. Many universities in recent years apply their capacity in producing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). They have been offering MOOCs with an expectation of rendering a comprehensive online apprenticeship. Typically, an online content delivery process requires an Internet connection. However, access to the broadband has never been a readily available resource in many regions. In Africa, poor and no networks are yet predominantly experienced by Internet users, frequently causing offline each moment a digital device disconnect from a network. As a result, a learning process is always disrupted, delayed and terminated in such regions. This paper raises the concern of E-Learning in poor and low bandwidths, in fact, it highlights the needs for an Offline-Enabled mode. The paper also explores technical approaches beamed to enhance the user experience in Web-based E-Learning, particular in Africa.
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TagsAfrica  Internet  MOOC  Mobile-Learning  Offline-Enabled  myown 

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