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Improved E-learning Experience with Embedded LED System

Malchow, Martin; Renz, Jan; Bauer, Matthias; Meinel, Christoph in 2016 Annual IEEE Systems Conference (SysCon) IEEE , 2016 .

During the last years, e-learning has become more and more important. There are several approaches like teleteaching or MOOCs to delivers knowledge information to the students on different topics. But, a major problem most learning platforms have is, students often get demotivated fast. This is caused e.g. by solving similar tasks again and again, and learning alone on the personal computer. To avoid this situation in coding-based courses one possible way could be the use of embedded devices. This approach increases the practical programming part and should push motivation to the students. This paper presents a possibility to the use of embedded systems with an LED panel to motivate students to use programming languages and solve the course successfully. To analyze the successfulness of this approach, it was tested within a MOOC called "Java for beginners" with 11,712 participants. The result was evaluated by personal feedback of the students and user data was analyzed to measure the acceptance and motivation of students by solving the embedded system tasks. The result shows that the approach is well accepted by the students and they are more motivated by tasks with real hardware support.
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Tags Distance_Learning E-Learning Embedded_Systems Java LED_Matrix LED_panel MOOC Programming Tele-Lecturing Teleteaching Virtual_Lab coding-based_courses computer_aided_instruction e-learning_experience educational_courses embedded_LED_system embedded_devices embedded_system_tasks its personal_computer programming_languages web_university

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